Friday, November 26, 2010

Illustration Friday, November Twenty-Sixth: Savour

So, I will make this post short and sweet (much like cookies, which I suppose are more "small" and sweet than "short" and sweet, but I digress).

This week's topic is savour, and as I like to savour cookies when eating them (and the dough when baking them), here is my contribution to the topic:

This is from a Holiday Card of mine that says "Hope your Holidays are Super Sweet!" Figured to submit something that was on topic, and also on season, now that we have officially reached Black Friday and have passed from T-Day time to Holiday Time.

To see this at the site, as well as more entries on this week's topic, please go to To check out more holiday greeting cards of mine, please go to

And, since I have to start making many more for this season, I am off. Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!

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Heather said...

fun illustration. i like the colors! i like cookie dough, too!