Friday, November 12, 2010

Illustration Friday for November Eleventh: "Burning."

I've wanted to blog more of late, but just haven't had time. Fortunately, "Illustration Friday" gives me a platform to show work. And I am happy that it prompts me to blog :-) Yay yay.

This week's topic is "Burning," and I am submitting a piece I did called "The Fires of Guilt."

I actually posted this illo that I am submitting for I.F. over a year ago, along with two others that feature dragons. If you're at all curious, feel free to click here: "Draggin' Along." Below, I am copying and pasting the explanation I did for the piece back then:

"I did (this) after reading a poem about Indonesia that really struck me. I don't recall if it was formally published or not (a former teacher of mine gave it to me from a book she'd found), but it was talking (basically) about the dichotomy of poverty and riches in Indonesia, especially with tourists being in the latter category. There was a line about the tea being made with fire, and the whole passage made it abundantly clear how difficult and painful it can literally be to farm the tea, while the people who drink it just kind of sit around comfortably, without consequence. I wish I could find it to explain it better, but the drawing I did will have to suffice as my interpretation and explanation."

So, there we go. Hopefully, either with some blogging free time or with next week's I.F. topic, I'll be able to post something a big more cheery. Both this illo and last week's are a bit dark. Perhaps soon I will again get the chance to submit a cheery and smiley Greeting Card.

As always, to see more submissions on this and last week's topics, please go to the Illustration Friday Website.

Hope everyone is having a nice Friday!

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Chibi Janine said...

An interesting picuture that made me want to find out the story behind it. Super detailing. Should you ever find what the poem was let us know.