Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Creative Tuesday! Holidays.

So, I just learned of this nifty thing called "Creative Tuesday," which makes me happy as now I have multiple weekly illustration topics to post. "Illustration Friday" is very fun, and a new midweek one looks to also be quite enjoyable.

This week's theme is "Holidays," and while it's Christmas-y, I thought to post this card since it does fall under the overall "Holidays" umbrella. It was made with an underline of Pencil, then filled in with a Pitt Cartooning Pen and Tombo Markers.

Here is the link for Creative Tuesday, where past entries can be seen, as well as the links to submit if you'd like: http://goodteatoo.blogspot.com/

Hope everyone's having a great Holiday Season! Even with the stresses of gifting, an excuse for hot chocolate, ice-skating, and seasonal music is always fun (-:


Mmm said...

So nice to meet you Donna. Wow. Love your style. thank you so much for joining in. this is a very creative, festive piece indeed. Love the wood cut feel of it too.

So, I need you to do something--that is, come the following Tuesday when this theme is due (Dec 7th--every two weeks)--do go and sing in THERE with a link back to this post so all the other creative Tuesday participants can be sure to see your smashing work, ok? Then you can visit their contributions too. :)

If you ever want to review the guidelines or know what the theme is or when it is due, simply go to the CREATIVE TUESDAYS page on my blog. thanks again, Donna. Love it. .

craftydvl said...

Hi Mmm-- or Mr. Toast? Please let me know which I should call you :-) I am realizing now I should probably have also said Mr. Toast on my last reply comment to you. Again, thank you for the feedback on the Seuss/Alice illo. And also, thank you for your kind words on this "Holiday" themed illo. I appreciate it very much.

With "Creative Tuesdays," I wanted to send you my apologies for posting incorrectly, as I did not understand everything properly. I hope that post has not caused too many problems or confusion :-/

Thank you for the CREATIVE TUESDAYS link, I re-read the guidelines and understand now to submit on the day itself. In my haste, I assumed that the post date was the date it had to be posted by, not exactly posted on. I found the link to "Creative Tuesdays" on a fellow illustrators blog, and got so excited I simply posted to the page without reading through the exact directions first. Again, that was rushed and foolish of me, and I am sorry if it caused any issues. I should have realized something was amiss when I couldn't figure out how to view everyone's submission for the "Holidays" theme. Now I understand and will no longer make the same mistake :-)

Thanks for your help, and also thanks very much for creating such a fun platform for people to share one another's work. Take care!

P.S. You are from London? I am from New York and live on the West Coast now, but I did an exchange program at Goldsmith's Uni for six months when I was still in school, and really enjoyed it. Just thought since I love London and your blog says you hail from there that I would inquire (-: