Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Creative Tuesday! Holidays.

So, I just learned of this nifty thing called "Creative Tuesday," which makes me happy as now I have multiple weekly illustration topics to post. "Illustration Friday" is very fun, and a new midweek one looks to also be quite enjoyable.

This week's theme is "Holidays," and while it's Christmas-y, I thought to post this card since it does fall under the overall "Holidays" umbrella. It was made with an underline of Pencil, then filled in with a Pitt Cartooning Pen and Tombo Markers.

Here is the link for Creative Tuesday, where past entries can be seen, as well as the links to submit if you'd like: http://goodteatoo.blogspot.com/

Hope everyone's having a great Holiday Season! Even with the stresses of gifting, an excuse for hot chocolate, ice-skating, and seasonal music is always fun (-:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Art Shows, Ramblings, and Carroll Quotes

I am excited to be in a show that has opened and shall close soon, and in another upcoming show. I'll mention the former now, with some quick information in case anyone near (or who ventures into) West Hollywood would like to check it out!

The show is called "The Gift Shop Show" (as it's Holiday Time), and it is on until December 11th at the "Another Year In L.A." Gallery, housed within the big blue Pacific Design Center Space on Melrose Avenue, in Suite B267.

My ink and watercolor painting in the show is called "Cindy's Merry Unbirthday," shown below, with Dr. Seuss's cast of characters populating "Alice in Wonderland's" mad tea party. Cindy, for these purposes, is Alice. Who everyone else is can rather clearly be seen, mehopes ;-)

Lastly. Given the content of the piece I am posting, and after coming across some of my favorite Lewis Carroll Quotes, I thought to share them in this blog entry.

"Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic."

Lewis Carroll

"I can't go back to yesterday - because I was a different person then."

Lewis Carroll

"She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it)."

Lewis Caroll

To be honest, what's considered logical is often... well, not; depending on the day (and even if it's been the calmest of days), life barrels through in such a way that we are not the same people as events keep occuring; and, of course, I very much agree with the last quote: it is very easy to give others (and perhaps yourself) advice, but it is always difficult to follow that advice.
Although, some advice I might give myself would be to not waste too much time online! Which, I will actually follow, in hopes of being productive and making new drawings.
Peace out and hope everyone has had a good weekend --!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Illustration Friday, November Twenty-Sixth: Savour

So, I will make this post short and sweet (much like cookies, which I suppose are more "small" and sweet than "short" and sweet, but I digress).

This week's topic is savour, and as I like to savour cookies when eating them (and the dough when baking them), here is my contribution to the topic:

This is from a Holiday Card of mine that says "Hope your Holidays are Super Sweet!" Figured to submit something that was on topic, and also on season, now that we have officially reached Black Friday and have passed from T-Day time to Holiday Time.

To see this at the site, as well as more entries on this week's topic, please go to http://illustrationfriday.com/. To check out more holiday greeting cards of mine, please go to http://drawdvl.com/winter-holiday-cards.html.

And, since I have to start making many more for this season, I am off. Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Illustration Friday. Topic: Sneaky. Other Ramblings: Suburban Wildlife and Raccoons

This week's illustration Friday theme is "Sneaky," which is great fun.

I am submitting this piece called "Ignorance is Bliss," which features a pirate ship sneaking up on a Girl (a Mermaid, I guess) and her little animal friends, some of whom realize the attack-- but many of whom are being successfully snuck up on.

While many people I know are not fans of mice or possums, especially, I hope the little guys in this picture are friendly and furry enough to not make anyone cringe. I actually think possums are quite cute, especially with little ones on their backs-- hence my drawing them in this piece. I'm more afraid of, say, a scorpion carrying little ones on her back than a fuzzy possum. But that probably has much to do with the big poison stinger always hovering about.

In any event, to see this at the site, as well more illustrations on this week's topic of "Sneaky" (and last week's topic of "Burning") go to http://illustrationfriday.com.

On a side note...

Since the topic is "sneaky," it occurs to me I wish I had an illo to submit with raccoons in it.

Seeing as they have masked faces, they are often drawn in cartoons as bandits, and they are constantly sneaking through garbage cans for a snack.

I find them quite cute, although they are pesky when they take up residence in attics, and it becomes a big mess when trying to get them out of rooftops and houses when you refuse to hurt them, or worse :-(. "Over the Hedge" was right, since the East Coast suburbs have sprawled too much into the land of animals, which is why they are constantly burrowing into people's houses and gardens and such-- the houses are too on top of each other and there's nowhere for squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks, mice, even skunks, etc. to go.

I guess it's a problem in the L.A. area too... speaking of sprawl, people's houses encroaching on animal's lands, and so forth. Although, I hear more about skunks (and have only ever seen) skunks and squirrels and coyotes, even, in the residential parts of L.A. But never raccoons.

In general, it can be quite the Mishigas (yes, being from New York, I know some Yiddish) when woodland animals and people are so on top of each other that:

A) People get territorial and/or violent when keeping animals out of their space, either out of overwrought irritation at the animals or at terror that the wildlife could have disease/physically harm them, their children, their pets, etc.


B) The wildlife is so accustomed to having humans around, and in their space, that even without being infected with Rabies (which is known to make animals not afraid and even aggressive around people), they get too comfortable around people and may even attack them for food, territory, etc. I know in Rye (not where I'm from, but a nearby suburb to where I grew up that's also just north of NYC) there is currently a pretty big problem of Raccoons attacking schoolchildren in that area. Subsequently, some people are shooting at the raccoons. I'm unclear as to whether or not that's people who own firearms personally, or if that's a governmental strategy. Either way, I wish the city was able to really figure out a way to safely tranquilize and trap the raccoons and drive them farther upstate to real foresty areas (which the suburbs aren't, a few trees does not a proper woods make), where they could properly exist, have a real habitat (where garbage wouldn't be a three course meal), in turn they couldn't threaten people, and so on. Shooting them is likely cheaper, but not right :-( I don't make the rules, but I can make sad faces at them.

I myself would like for people and critters to all be friends, but unfortunately, real life is not necessarily like the parts of "Snow White" or "Enchanted" where the animals and a human are all BFF. Things like extermination, animal attacks, and human encroachment on habitats have kind of prevented that. Sigh.

I remember when I was very little, one night, a tree fell outside my house.

I sat in a room of my house that had bushes up against it where I could see Con-Ed trying to clean everything up, face pressed against the glass, squinting to see exactly what they were doing.

I quickly forgot about them and the big lights and the truck, because a little raccoon scampered through the bush and was directly on the other side of the glass to my face. I don't know if that meant it was Rabid or not because it wasn't scared of me, but I remember vaguely it was tiny, so I think it was just not full-grown and therefore not knowledgeable enough to "know" to be afraid of a person. The raccoon possibly could have come out of the fallen tree, I guess.

We had a staring contest for a little while, and it was pretty cool. We were mutually fascinated with one another's very different faces.

Eventually, the little guy got bored and wandered off. I probably went back to watching the tree-clean up, but I remember the raccoon, and not much of anything else.

In any event, this blog has gotten rambly and long. Possibly because I have been feverish and headachey for days and am not entirely in my right mind. Oh well. I do know that right mind or not, animals are cute and the bestest.

Happy Friday!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Illustration Friday for November Eleventh: "Burning."

I've wanted to blog more of late, but just haven't had time. Fortunately, "Illustration Friday" gives me a platform to show work. And I am happy that it prompts me to blog :-) Yay yay.

This week's topic is "Burning," and I am submitting a piece I did called "The Fires of Guilt."

I actually posted this illo that I am submitting for I.F. over a year ago, along with two others that feature dragons. If you're at all curious, feel free to click here: "Draggin' Along." Below, I am copying and pasting the explanation I did for the piece back then:

"I did (this) after reading a poem about Indonesia that really struck me. I don't recall if it was formally published or not (a former teacher of mine gave it to me from a book she'd found), but it was talking (basically) about the dichotomy of poverty and riches in Indonesia, especially with tourists being in the latter category. There was a line about the tea being made with fire, and the whole passage made it abundantly clear how difficult and painful it can literally be to farm the tea, while the people who drink it just kind of sit around comfortably, without consequence. I wish I could find it to explain it better, but the drawing I did will have to suffice as my interpretation and explanation."

So, there we go. Hopefully, either with some blogging free time or with next week's I.F. topic, I'll be able to post something a big more cheery. Both this illo and last week's are a bit dark. Perhaps soon I will again get the chance to submit a cheery and smiley Greeting Card.

As always, to see more submissions on this and last week's topics, please go to the Illustration Friday Website.

Hope everyone is having a nice Friday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

"Illustration Friday: Afterwards." Also, join the Barnsdall Art Park Cause and Forum

This week's "Illustration Friday" theme is "Afterwards," so I am submitting a piece I did which... well, I think (or at least hope) that it's fairly obvious the piece represents what happens after love doesn't go well.

The title of this piece is "Requiem for A Heart."

To check out more I.F. entries on the topic of "Afterwards," and last week's topic of "Spent," please go to the I.F. page: http://illustrationfriday.com/

To check out the works in color on my website, please go to: http://drawdvl.com/color-works.html.

And on an unrelated note, if you are a Los Angeles resident interested in the arts, please know that Barnsdall Art Park-- right at the city center, by the intersection of Sunset and Vermont-- is in danger of being shut, and/or privatized, which for many people would mean it would become as good as shut. Privatization means an increased cost in classes, an elitist approach, and an overall revamping of the fact that the park was meant-- and is still supposed to be-- as a public park with theatre, gallery shows, and education available and accessible to all.

This article explains a bit of what's going on: http://www.losfelizledger.com/2010/10/eastside-eye-city%E2%80%99s-budget-cuts-impact-barnsdall-park/

This website is a community based forum where you can post ideas, artwork, and make a profile. It's like Facebook, but geared specifically towards saving Barnsdall.

Happy Friday, all! Let us keep the arts alive :-)