Friday, October 15, 2010

"Spooky," for Illustration Friday

This week's theme is exciting and just in time for Halloween --!! Incidentally, I am a very strange girl, because Halloween matters to me more than Valentine's Day does.

Below is a dry point etching I did a bit ago, entitled "A Scary Story."

I think it fits the requirement of "spooky." But I'd also like to imagine that the approaching Bats actually would like to play, and are not as mean as they look here ;-). At least the one in the foreground, since his buddies are silhouetted.

As always, more submissions for this week's theme of "Spooky," and last week's theme of "Transportation," are available at the Illustration Friday Website:

More etchings and linocuts I've done are viewable on my own site, at

Thanks for reading, and have a boo- tiful (yes, terrible pun, I know) Friday --!! ;-)

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