Monday, September 27, 2010

One Hundred Twelve Degrees... Right Now --!!

In honor of the Heat Wave having rampaged NYC's summer, and finally made its way West (how I weep, I thought we had escaped weather that broke the three digit mark), I am posting this little card I made.

The caption is "You Are My Sunshine!" And yes, it's a pun because there is A) The Sun (lighting up everyone's life, literally speaking), and, B) The Son (who, presumably, lights up his Momma's life).

When I made this card I thought it was fun and playful. One person asked me if it was some kind of sacrifice, but no no no! They are all just playing around, and in this fictional world, the sun is a character you can play with and get up close to. And, you know. You won't be fried. You will just have warm, sunny fun.

One person not having warm sunny fun? That would be me. I went to the West Hollywood Book Fair yesterday, when this heat wave started. It honestly made me feel sick (especially coming off a week like last's, in the fifties to sixties mark). I toughed it out for most of the day, though, and attended some great panels, while helping out at the Society of Illustrator's Los Angeles Booth.

Yet, it's not as if I am unaccostamed to heat. I'm from New York, so I'm used to hot days and humidity come summertime (let's pretend that it's not almost October, though). With the fact there is less humidity, the heat in Los Angeles has always been at least tolerable.

Although, I visited San Francisco last June for the first time, and I thought it was a beautiful city. The hills, the culture, the architecture-- I do agree with people who've said they feel it's both a bit New York and a bit Los Angeles. I also didn't mind the cloudy cool weather, since (on a practical note) when you are running and bussing around, it is pleasant to not be afraid of possible heat stroke, (on a shallow note), you have more options for what you can wear, and (on a personal note), it reminded me of London. Which is a beautiful city and my favorite one of all time. Sigh sigh. London's weather is why I like it when it gets cloud and coldy in L.A. It reminds me of what Great Britain's Sky looked like. Plus, during Fall and Winter, clouds make more sense to me (as an original East Coaster) than eighty degree weather.

I digress. I do love the sun and heat-- it's what Southern California is famed for. But there's heat, and then there is HEAT... which, is certainly the case when it is a Hundred and FREAKING TWELVE. Outside! Yikes yikes yikes.

Please stay safe, everyone! Stay safe from the rain if you are back East, stay out of excess sun if you're over here (especially if you are up in the valley, apparently at a whopping One Hundred SEVEN-TEEN degrees), and stay safe from whatever other weather is hitting you if you are neither of the places I just mentioned.

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