Friday, September 17, 2010

Illustration Friday, September Seventeenth, Twenty-Ten: Subject, Acrobat!

Why did I type out that whole date? I know not. I am feeling a bit odd after some kind of allergy/headache/bizarre attack of eye-tearing yesterday, so forgive me if I seem off my game.

But for now, I present my weekly submission for I.F., with this week's theme being "Acrobat!"

This is a Birthday Greeting card I created a bit ago, and with the circus theme and girl balancing on the tightrope for the audience of toys, I felt that it fit the description.

To see my entry at the site, and to see other entries for this week's theme of "Acrobat" and last week's theme of "Proverb," go to And to see more of the Birthday themed greeting cards, along with some Halloween and Just Because Cards, at my site, go to

Merry Weekend, peepsies!


Chibi Janine said...

A sweet whimsical picture you have here though I don't think the little girls tieing the rope to the candle was the wisest course of action LOL

craftydvl said...

Hi Chibi, thank you so much! LOL I thought that too after I posted this online. I didn't really think of it when I made and sold the greeting card, but re-looking at it I went, "Wait a second..." Lol, I am just going to say that they were using one of those plastic look-alike candles where the flame is just glass?

Otherwise, yes, she'd have to be a perfect acrobat and not pull the candle too roughly, or disaster would befall them.

Chibi Janine said...

I like your cocept for this piece as it is exactly the sort of thing a small child would do :)

Thankyou also for your kind words on my blog.