Friday, September 24, 2010

Illustration Friday: "Old Fashioned."

The title of my submission is, "The Little One That Could."

I figured that this etching fit the theme, given that trains (to a degree, sadly, for my public transit loving self), old-robber baron types who would force someone to shine their shoes, children being forced to work (and do said shoe-shining), and even smiling trains (a la Thomas the Tank engine, since he's still around but is also a bit vintage) are all on the old-fashioned side.

This illustration is also old-fashioned looking because of the fact it is an etching, and the people are Victorian-seeming. It's kind of cute and dark at once and it was fun to create!

To see more submissions for this week's theme of "Old Fashioned," and last week's theme of "Acrobat," go to To see more etchings at my website, please go to

Happy illustrating and Happy Friday --!! ;-D


Malachi Ward said...

Very cool drawing! The train looks like he really wants to run the guy over!

Coreopsis said...

I hope that printmaking doesn't become an old-fashioned art form. I love intaglio! But yes, this picture looks very Victorian, what with the train and the trousered character. Likes of dynamic action here.

Robert said...

this is both creepy and beautiful

craftydvl said...

Thanks, you guys --!! The "Old-Fashioned" theme was very fun. I am a fan of creepy and beautiful at once, so I am happy to have hit that mark :-) And printmaking is a lovely art form, I hope (like theatre) despite all the new technology that's there, it'll permanently stick around.