Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daily Blairspiration

So, I already dedicated an entire post this girl/character/HBIC/fashionista a few entries ago, but the fierceness of this photo cannot be denied.

I truly hope this is a takes photo, as opposed to a behind the scenes photo.

I will be so thrilled if she gives her former disrespectful/secret uncle pimping (please don't ask if you don't watch GG, complicated storyline that is beyond not right)/mentee-screwing (again, don't ask) manchild (counting: second time ever that word has been used, in this particular blog) the unimpressed and fierce smackdown he has been practically begging for.

On a personal note, such photos inspire me. Not that the character emerges victorious in my current project, but if I can mentally Blair out while working on it, it will be something fun to create.


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