Thursday, August 19, 2010

Someday, My Prints Will Come...

The title. 'Tis a pun. Partly because I just love puns, and partly because I am frustratedly awaiting a postcard order that went quite haywire because of UPS and their insistence on delivering things when people are at work. But I digress.

Mostly, I just made the pun because it's a song since I have known since I was little, it is fun to pun (and rhyme). Somewhat related, I love East Hollywood, in part because of the little painted boxes that kids did around the neighborhood, a la the photo above.

I love it primarily, though, because of Barnsdall Art Center, where I am currently lucky enough to be taking Mary's Class! Very cool. It's always a big fight to keep the art centers in L.A. open, and it's a fight that has no choice but to be won. Many people, and especially kids and older adults, need art and places to take free or affordable art classes to survive. And while it's been a struggle because of Los Angeles' horrifing deficit, I (knock on wood) am glad that Barnsdall is a place that is being kept open, largely because the community is fighting and won't back down on this.

A mural at the center, which I love.

And on a personal notes, a few phone snapshots of the linocut I worked on this week. I couldn't get the ink to quite stick right, but I kind of like how it got weird and spotty in some prints.

'Tis all for now, folks.

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