Monday, August 23, 2010

Sculpey Critters and Slum Circus Shout Out!

I actually took these pictures with my phone back at Indy Euphoria in Sacramento, this past June. The first toy has been sold, but the others are still in stock! Thought I would share, as these and my usual fare will be on sale at Slum Circus Expo, this coming weekend! Egads. Excited, but a ton to prepare. has all the info, and what I can say is a ton of cartoonists, indie artists, and all around cool people will be there. Dave Castro, the organizer, is an amazing cartoonist/person. I love pen and ink work, and his stuff is definitely at the top of my list. Here's his blog:

Without further ado, some sculpey peeps :-) --!

A little ladybug, and ladybird (how British), sitting atop a mushroom. And some cards. My friend bought this one back in Sacramento.

Different angle of ladybird and bug.

Another angle of the ladybug and ladybird, sitting on a different card.

Same card as above, different angle. I had fun making his bowler and her veil.

Bookworm! His book is blank. Oops.

I will pretend that Mr. Bookworm can, and does, read invisible ink. Quite a story he's got there, from what he tells me.

Laughing little bluebird ducky creature.

Different angle of Miss Bluebird Ducky.

Wrinkle-dogs are my favorite.

Snow-kitty! She's kind of out of season, but then again, so is the entire video of "California Gurls" (which I randomly rambled about back here: ), so I suppose it is okay.
Dalmatian with a French Beret. I suppose he traveled west from his original Eastern European environment :-).
'Tis all for now, folks. Blogging is fun, but there are tasks to be done. A rhyme! And with that, I am off for real, for real.


DCastr said...

The dog and cat are my favorites:)

craftydvl said...

Thanks Dave! :-) They were not yet "adopted" (in my mind all toys are real and like little pets, Lol, I'm five), and hopefully someone will want to pick one up at the next fair.

Thank you again for Slum Circus! It was great to meet the other artists and definitely one of the best cons/art events I've done so far. So, again, thanks :-D

I was really exhausted that night and we left right after so I could collapase. Once I heard CF was cancelled I was all "Ooooooh... sleep... eeaaaaaarly."

But in the future, I am definitely down for studio chilling, working, having fun, etc.