Monday, August 16, 2010

Post of Miscellany!

Many people post things for the sake of posting, be in inspiration, something funny, all of the above. I found the image below while on an unrelated image search, but I love the look of the pigs and really, pigs flying is just fun. When and with what medium was this illo done? It reminds me of presses, printmaking, and old Victorian things. Needless to say, I'm a fan.


Frequently, I see people post images and fashion and other such things they are interested in.
I'll post something more artistically sound/useful soon, but for now, I figured I'd put in some images that I enjoy.

The above is a mural in the East Village which I just learned of but have not seen! I really, really, really hope to see this in person, because I love a good pun (there are mischevious kitties, and if you read the text... well then, the pun is obvious) and the illos of the kittehs here are just adorable.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a kind of (read: a pretty big) obsession with "Gossip Girl." The show actually makes a lot of literary references, and despite some ridiculous and soapy plotlines for cheap thrills, is often well-written, dark, and even Whartonian--is that a word? Edith Wharton references abound, though, thematically and even with character names at times. For example, a woman named "Lilly" married a man named "Bart," which has to be a reference to Wharton's own "Lilly Bart."

But apart from literary references, one of the best things about the show is Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester (also probably the strongest actor on the show) who is in the pictures above. And also below.

The short description of her, as said by her friend/advesary on the show Dan, is that she's "95 pounds of girly evil," and that if you "Google Revenge," you'll get Unfortunately, that link won't work for real. But barring that, while one might think she is purely mean/bitchy/etc., she's actually just kind of a prickly, complex character.

(Love love love that dress!)

She's not a bitch to the people she loves, and when she is being a bitch, it's generally A) While getting vengance in ridiculous but ultimately satisfying ways when someone has wronged her ass, and B) To defend a wronged friend, almost to the point where she's acting like a loyal little (but albeit, slightly pychotic) bulldog.

To be honest, I wish I had the guts to Blair out in real life sometimes, but since I am only pushed to that level of snark in extreme situations, I only emulate her fashion-wise (on an immensely reduced budget, since I have probably one trillionth of the size of a bank account that a UES-er, fictional or otherwise, would have). That boils down mostly to wearing headbands, and admiring (but, only emulating sparingly) her epic bitchfaces. Observe:

(And sadly, I have an almost identical headband to that)

But, seriously, it mostly comes down to being inspired by Blair's especially crazier outfits.

Especially that crazy cherry dress at the very very top, and the orange ruffly one (although, that one is not quite as crazy). If I Recall Correctly, the girls over at thought the cherry dress was a little much, but if I could afford that, I'd wear it in a heartbeat. Probably because it's a little like Gothic Lolita:

Also something I like, which is over the top, and again, presently-- apart from having nowhere to wear said things but conventions (at least in the bottom full shebang outfit case)-- could not afford it. So, I am not yet one of the owners of clothing like this, nor can I go shopping at booths like this:

These last photos are the only pictures I have that semi-resemble anything Gothic Lolita and/or Miss Waldorf.

Mmostly my red dress and the music note skirt, as I bought them both from Gothic Loli places at Anime Expo, in that vein. Blair clothing wise... primarily, honestly, the leftmost dress is the only thing that fits. And the headbands. Anyway, in my dreams, I can be Anime Hyper Blair :-)

Fashion whee? Fashion whee. Of craziness. Whee!

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