Friday, August 6, 2010

"Caged," Illustration Friday!

So, I missed the chance to make a new illo (and didn't have a pre-existing one) to fit this past week's theme of "Artificial." However, this week's new theme is "Caged," and it just so happens I made a greeting card that's on theme!

A Chanukah Card I made a while ago, it's of a girl feeding little cookies to her pet chickens! The caption was, "On this Day That's Cold and Gray, Please Enjoy the Holiday!"

Some chickens here are out playing, others are sleeping in their cages/egg-sitting. I had fun drawing the little yarmulke on the top boy chicks (not yet roosters).

Here's the link to view every submission at on the site:!

And, while it's a bit out of season, here's the link to see other Wintertime Holiday cards at my website:


Jack Foster said...

Nice one Donna! Love the contrasts and line work! Perfect for the theme this week!

Samantha Webb said...

she is really lovely, i particularly like her red boots! x

craftydvl said...

Thank you, Jack and Samantha! She was fun to draw. I sold the original card to a man who had always owned pet birds and thus related to the drawing, which also made me happy :-)

roberto said...

Beautiful job!!!
I like it!


awww sweet illustration.

craftydvl said...

Yay! Andrea and Roberto, thanks so much :-D "Illustration Friday" is really cool and I like seeing what everyone comes up with.