Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Illustration Friday!

The topic is "Diary," and since I in the past did a comic about one (or, about what happens when you look through another's and find things you would have been happier not knowing), I am submitting this page. I always mean to create new things for the contest and never have time.

It's an oldie, from 2006. Yikes! But wanted to submit it as it was on theme. Anyway, to read the whole thing, go to http://drawdvl.com, my website, click on the bottom square that ways "Click here to go to samples of Sequential Art!"

Once you're there, scroll down to the story called "Happy Day." That'll have the entire story, of which this image is the third page.

To find it on the site, and check out many cool submissions on the theme, go to http://illustrationfriday.com.

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