Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The name "Kitty Purry" amuses me

The title of my blog is, apparently, what people on the interwebs sometimes call Katy Perry. I think a little cartoon cat with that same name, wearing bizarre outfits, possessing cheeky sensibilities, and rocking multi-colored wigs, who had a singing career, would be awesome. Perhaps some sort of combination of the lovelies who so graciously are at the top of this post! Anyway, random cartoony ideas. Onward.
Back to Perry/Purry.

While, yes, her new "California Gurls" song is a little tedious and predictable, lyrics-wise (no doubt it's catchy and fun, but as a transplant, I was hoping for something more substantial than references to bikinis and Daisy Dukes)-- and, while it's also purportedly the West Coast answer to the Jay-Z/Alicia Keys tune (something I personally don't agree with, since I think "New York" is largely a better song with a lot more to it, lyrically and musically), the best thing about it is the craziness of the music video. Perry apparently pulled a Gaga, deciding to make a video that looks nothing like the lyrics which she's saying.

These rude Gummie bears are a somewhat hilarious touch. Apparently, the Gummie manufacturer actually semi-apologized for their conduct, saying that their Gummies would "never be so mean or rude" as they seem in the video, or something to that effect. Their concern presumes that Gummies can actually give the finger in the first place, and that they have opposable thumbs, but reality is for sissies so I won't go there.

(I only half paid attention to the actual storyline of the video, since I was too distracted/WTF at the visuals, but I think the ositos have nefarious plans or some such. All I really remembered is them flipping K.P. off., while she looks all surprised/mock hurt/fifties pin-up expression style cute).

I wasn't quite sure what she was doing here, but it looked rather fun. The whole video looks like it's a fun place to be. So, in that sense she accurately sells her message about the place in which she lives, "I know a place where the grass is always greener." She sells it metaphorically, with the whole "greener grass" thing. Not so much in the literal sense. There isn't much green in the video, at all. I actually dig the colors and the look of this video, but...

If you'll notice, everything looks very snowy and winter-y. It isn't L.A. (or Santa Barbara, where she's from) esque, at all. Which is okay. I just think it would have been interesting if she kept the candy/sweets motif, and picked a more accurate color scheme. I suppose that would have entailed less ice-creaminess and a lot of cookies, cupcakes, and other foods where she could use frostings that would more reflect the actual color palate of SoCal (sunset pinks, yellows, oranges, greens, sky blues, etc.). Again, that's just a tiny gripe, but I would have definitely been into her chomping down on some kind of pastry palm tree.

Speaking of chomping down, this was kind of sad. The gingerbread dude is all happy these girls (eventually, a few more join her in this part of the video) are surrounding him and giving him all this attention, but... um, isn't he going to be no more once they're done chilling with him? And devouring him? Sad for the gingerbread dude.

Like I said before, I barely paid attention to the plot of this video, but I found Snoop and his army of Gummies endearing and funny all at once. This was seriously probably a killer fun video to have shot and been in. It might be just his on-screen persona, but Snoop seems rather amused through this entire ordeal.

I'll close with this screenshot, since while SUPER wintry (and, once again, not at all L.A.-ish IMHO), it's a very pretty shot and it looks like a group of girls going to do Girl Scout training in Candyland. I was completely obsessed with Candyland as a kid, and am actually quite saddened by its new incarnations. Some games were best in the eighties, and when they re-do them and make them all fancy and change the art and such now, it kills part of their vintage, and/or simplistic appeal (see also, "Oregon Trail," and the--thankfully now abandoned--"new" looking Archie Comics they did in 2007).

Anyway, I never thought Kitty Purry would make me long for my favorite childhood game. Nor did I think she'd give me artistic ideas, by using a great color scheme and having tons of innocent and kid like, but kind of sinister (still while staying cute) images in her videos. But, she did, so w00t! And Fuzzles approves, so there you go.

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