Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's a record, second blog here! In a row!

(Silly girls at E&E! Check out clothes of win:

Last month, in April, Enid and Edgar Vintage had a reception for "So Long Sweet Lullabies," a show geared towards childhood, innocence, all things cute, and the darkness inherent within (that especially comes about with adulthood).

In other words, basically everything that I hold dear, and everything that I do art-wise. Maybe not everything everything, but nearly everything. I love cute/creepy, innocence/with a humorous or dark twist, etc.

(tug tug tug, I act like a wee one, tug tug tug)

So I am pleased to finally post some pictures from the opening! These are really more for fun and not pictures entirely of the work itself, but here are some pictures of myself, Sandy Teran Arellanes (head of the store), two out of her three beautiful children, and Mr. N. Hope everyone is amused by these!

(Huggy photo of Mr. N and myself)

(Not a phlattering photo, but I think we look amusing so it stays)

(Just me, blue yabba dee)

(With Sandy's kids. I was trying to look silly and I look... um, frightening.)

(Sandy and I once again)

(Silly me)

I think the art in the show is great and I feel honored to be among the artists. Yay for this theme! It seriously validates everything in my heart, soul, being, etc.

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