Friday, April 2, 2010

Vintage and Boots and New Cards, Oh My!!

Hello all :-D I don't have as much time to blog as I would like, but here we go. I have a quick update of my newest cards, as well as where you will eventually be able to go to buy some of them! I am in talks to have my stuff sold at Enid and Edgar Vintage in Silverlake, and they are an absolutely fabulous store. If you need proof, refer to the above photo. I bought those very fun red boots from them last week and have been kind of living in them ever since. In the I don't-take-them-off way, not in the I'm-a-crazy-lady-who-lives-in-a-shoe-like-that-fairytale way.

Here is a link to their blog (blogger never likes to let me link things, so please copy and paste it from below) complete with a fabulous lookbook! All the girls look so pretty and I love the outfits. Seriously, support this store because they have great stuff, and Sandy, Jason, and Luz (the peeps who run the store) are some of the sweetest people on earth!

At any rate, I've been churning out new cards so they can be sold at Enid and Edgar. My efforts are below.

This Birthday Card says "Have a Splashing Good Birthday!"

This card is blank, and reflects my obsession with cupcakes. And pink. And bright colors. And Flying Witties. (Flying Witties are characters I created in 2008; they are very rotund little flying cats with wings and they appear rather often in my stuff.)

Just a silly card of a girl who flooded her kitchen and is giving her doggies a bath.

This card has no caption, but the theme is Mother's Day.

This card is a variation on a card with bears, but a birthday version and one that has rabbits. It says "Hoppy, Hoppy Birthday!"

This card is a variation on some cards I've made previously of girls rockin' out.

The sentiment of this one is "Have a Mice Day!" I'm corny. However, the sentiment's silent. Yet another blank card.

Blank card. I haven't yet seen Tim Burton's "Alice," but I did see his New York City MOMA Exhibit (so so so so so so so good!), love his work, love the whole cute/creepy/gothic/dark yet colorful thing in general, and I think that came out with this card.

This card has no caption, and it is a girl playing with her squirrelly friends. With the backdrop of a sunset.

That's all for now, folks.

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