Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snippets of new piece

What started as a regular portrait assignment for the class I take is now turning into... I'm not even sure? The assignment, originally, was to draw a face from a photo. I've just expanded the size of the piece, and am turning into something. I'm just not that sure what that something is. I'm doing it as I go along, and I like the unpredictability. Still, it concerns me. I feel like I should figure out at least a tiny bit of direction with it before I overdraw and turn it into a piece I don't still like/doesn't still work.

Photos from my phone, so the quality (especially with the non-detail shots) may be a bit blurry.
This is what I have so far. It's about 14"x17" actual size. Kind of a queen of the darkness thing happening? Hrmmm... That creature up at top was originally going to be some kind of border, but now I don't know. He's kind of hovering up there aimlessly.

The main subject is posing like a model, almost, while her outfit/the surrounding black twisty scenery are feeding off on one another. Speaking of feeding, some insect/bird like thing appears to be sucking her blood and her do friend is sitting there confused.

Close up of the dog friend. I looked at pictures of Jindos while drawing him. I think Jindos are very cute, a type of hunting dog from Korea.

Close up of the feeding creature and Mr. Jindo.

Close up of the Queen-like character.

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