Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Cards and Artcycle

Please come check out Artcycle, a festival from two in the afternoon until ten P.M. this Saturday, in East Hollywood! Santa Monica Boulevard, between Vermont and Virgil.

Here's the info (copy and paste it, since for some reason it's refusing to link directly):


Here are samples of cards I shall be selling :-)

This is the final version of the Saint Patrick's Day card from earlier! Again, not sure who is celebrating, but just in case. Sidebar: I used to wear all green and have a sweater decorated with Shamrocks, little Irish teddy decorations, and little things sewn all over the sweater every St. Patrick's day in elementary school. Between that and my messy hair which always had lots of bows in it, I probably looked like a female and (let's pretend) fashion forward pig-pen, a la "Charlie Brown." This childhood sense of style has contributed to my final grown up styling, which is either colorful and fab, or like the lovechild of Blair Waldorf and Vanessa Abrams. The latter might be frightening, but it is fun. ANYWAY. Onward.

Mommy and little girl card.

This is supposed to be a Daddy and Daughter card, although I am afraid she looks like a tween and he someone inappropriately interested in her :-\ I'm thinking I should caption it ambiguously and see whether someone who is a Dad buys it, or is just a "Daddy" in other senses of the word. Sad. Again, anyway!

This is a kind of bizarre, lovey card with ocean people elvin type stuff going on. I had fun making it. Also one of the ones which I posted a template for earlier.

Easter card!

And lastly, the final template for one of my "bullie" cards! Man I wish that dog would come to life from the paper and I could adopt him. Dreams, oh dreams...

To see more, scroll down to the section of my recently updated website and the cards section! These fall into the category on the bottom of this page, labeled "Miscellaneous Holiday, Greeting, and Birthday Cards," and can be found here:

Whee! Back to the grind, now.

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