Thursday, March 4, 2010

A haiku and some rough draft phone pics

Card templates ahoy/
These are really just outlines/
Must color them in.

Mother/daughter card.

Another card I thought of because of the bullie festival. Bullie as in the canines, not as in teasing mean people.

Couple card/waves/love/needs lots of editing.

Actually, a dancing/Saint Patrick's day card. Does anybody celebrate Saint Patrick's Day anymore? At least, in Los Angeles? Seems that NYC always made a huge deal, but never really have seen much of one here. Except for bars having things, etc.
I am now officially late for class at Barnsdall Art Park, so I'm going.

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Jim Higgins said...

It's true -- St. Patricks' Day goes by like a silent fart in LA. As an offically half-Irish NYer I find this appalling. We're going to have to import some Irish-Americans from Staten Island to show these West Coasters how to have some respect. The Islanders will of course, have dyed green hair, green paper top hats, "Kiss Me I'm Irish" buttons, be reeking of beer, and will be puking within four hours after arriving. Now that's St. Patrick's Day.