Monday, March 22, 2010

Artcycle Post the Second

It is now a week and two days since the glorious fun that was the East Hollywood Artcycle affair, but in keeping with my resolve to blog/force myself to be productive/keep a record of said productivity, here are pictures from the event :-) Second of Three posts, this one is more of the hanging out/fun stuff of the event (the first and third posts are more pictures of art and such)

This picture does not do justice! This guy was very nice, had on a fabulous hot pink leopard satiny shirt, very cool shoes, and a black chihuahua on a hot pink lead. I would wear the girl versions of all those things and get potential doggies of mine equally fabulous leads!

THIS DOG WAS SO CUTE! One of the best things about fairs is getting to befriend the furry friends of potential customers/community peeps wandering by.

The very cool people of were next to me, with one of them dressed as a pirate and the other as a turtle. TURTLE! Really cute.

He waves hi!


Obligatory picture of my table.

One more table picture.

I am pale like a vampire, but still Team Edward (if I have to be a Team Twi-anything, and I usually don't even get involved with that whole saga)

A business across the way with friendly people who worked there. Long gone by the time this photo was taken.

Everybody had gone home by then, but I faced this business and the peeps who worked there were also quite nice and friendly. Yay for East Hollywoodsters being open to Artcycle!

My turtle buddy, at night. Not great phone picture quality. Need to get digicam up and running.

Picture of the table at night right before breaking down the setups to go home.

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