Thursday, March 18, 2010

Artcycle Post 1: Fish Bowl Skull

Art Cycle in East Hollywood was such a fun fair last Saturday! Lots of really cool people came out, there were great performances, cool artists, vendors, a TON of food trucks (!!! India Jones was SO GOOD), Cupcake vendors, and it was all around a really great event. Sales were good, people were chipper, and it was a nice thing to bring to the E. Hollywood neighborhood. Yay for my neighborhood!

(Full shot of Skull sitting on table, front view. Will explain momentarily.)

I'm going to post pictures from Artcycle across a few entries. This is partially because I do not want to mush everything together in a hard to look at post with too many pictures to cope with. It's also a time constraint thing, and a working from many computers thing. My poor lappy has been ill, so updating anything this week has been a bit of a challenge. *pets Laptop please feel better!*

(Profile full shot of Skull sitting on table. Now I'm actually getting to the explanation, no lie.)

This post is about only one of the items I had on my table. Two years ago, I made a Skull for "Top of the Dome," a Day of the Dead themed exhibit at Crewest Gallery in Downtown L.A.'s Gallery Row. The gallery gave artists pre-fired skulls to turn into whatever they wanted to. Crewest is a great gallery with really amazing graffitti art. Check out their site here:

In any event, I still have my skull from the show and display it every so often in case someone who has money and likes cats, fishes, and skulls wanders by. I say that because I turned the Skull into a Fish Bowl Skull, using sculpey, paint, glitter, paper, and Ink. Here are the rest of the pictures I took of the skull while it sat there and chilled during Artcycle:

Slightly closer detail of the Skull's front.

Detail shot of fishes who live in the Skull's eyes.

Detail shot of crab hiding in one eye. Blurry, I blame cell phone camera.

Detail shot of eel hiding in the eye. A bit blurry, oh well another phone picture.

Bugged out Blowfish detail.

Concerned looking Chinese flying fish (I think? He looks to me like the guys who swim around in the tanks that some Chinese restaurants have)

Barracuda-ish fish detail.

This detail shot looks funny because one of my cards was sitting under the skull and the fish looks like he was trying to eat the face off of the person in the card. Oopsie.

Detail of Shifty Starfish.

Detail of freaking out fishy.

Detail shot of the cat fishing into the Skull Bowl.

Another detail shot of the cat fishing into the Skull Bowl.


Atomic Boogaloo said...

How did you paint the skull? Maybe I glazed over the article. Acrylic?

craftydvl said...

Hey! Sorry, yeah, it was acrylic (with some sharpie for the outlined parts). I mentioned only that I used paint, not the specifics. I used acrylic and then glitter glue to make it seem underwater-y and sparkly. I then used pen and ink with gouache/watercolor/thinned acrylic on paper for the fish, then cut them out and glued them onto the skull. The cat and the bowl rim are sculpey that was painted and drawn on (in the cat's case).