Monday, March 22, 2010

Artcycle. Again. Third (last) post of Sculpey Toys and Wearables

So, in addition to the usual cards and prints and stuff, I also had some more Sculpey shennanigans going on at the Artcycle fair. Here are the newest Sculpey creatures of mine, be they in jewelry form or just knick-knack toy form. Thank you for being a great fair, Artcycle! I look forward to working with all the people involved in the future. I really hope to, everyone was genuinely sweet, fun, dedicated to a good cause, and cool.

Pin of a dog who has a heart shaped body.

Bluebird earrings from the front.

Birds eye view of bluebird earrings.

Bluebird earrings from the back.

Bunny earrings from the front (a bit blurry, these bunny pics, from the cell phone camera most likely)

Bunny earrings profile.

Bunny Earrings and Their Cottontails.

Sculpey Toy. Fox!

Hair Barrette of Mother and Little Fox.

Fox Anime Style Stud Earrings.

Cameo Pin of a Girl.

Pink Elephant Ring.

The Lion Ring. Yes, I really did just do what you think I did there.

Front view of a Birdie Barette that I made. Sold this one to an adorable little girl, the daughter of Sandy of Enid and Edgar Vintage. Great store with fabulous clothing--and they even display art! This is their website:

Bird's Eye View of a Birdie Barrette.

Birdy face detail of one of the birds.

Birdy face detail of other bird.

Teddy hair barrette (somewhat of a strange angle)

Teddy hair barrette from the front.

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