Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm hungry

But my stomach is meh, so I will instead post pictures of cards I drew of happiness. All the scenes are of people eating, playing with food, or playing in/around it (fantasy pictures, I s'pose, since it's not usually commonplace to sit in/play with life size eggs or slabs of cookie dough)

I believe this card's captioning is about being "Super Sweet."

This was a Valentine's Day Card I did, captioned en EspaƱol. Same general sweetness theme.

"You Have a Pizza My Heart!"

This is a fun/Love type Card, that says "You Are Super Sweet!"

"You're So Eggs-Cellent!" (Slight variation on a commission I did, in terms of the girls positioning. Commission was more detailed, this one seems foodier.)

Don't recall the caption of the top of my head, but the virtual soup seems yum.

I am now a tired cat.

That is all. Goodnight, Moon! World. Blogosphere! Okay. Stopping now.

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