Friday, February 26, 2010

illo-post before bed and some thoughts

"The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hook," c. 2010.

Blogging is kind of bizarre. With the exception of a few people completely comfortable in their own shamelessness and douchebaggery (I'm referencing certain gossip blogs I won't name, but I will admit I'm not talking about Dlisted because I love that blog and the hillarity of Michael K.), I don't feel like most people can truly express what they feel on a blog.

I used to be a really big livejournaler. I wrote about every damn thing under the sun that I went through, and I pretty much TMI-ed my friends' list to death with useless minutae about my personal life--surprise surprise, mostof those entries were about manchildren. I stopped cold, though. Sometimes, when shit gets real and lots of stuff goes down in life that has nothing to do withdrama, relationships, or other such trivial things, writing doesn't come easy. It doesn't really come at all. Which is why I find it hard to blog. There are lots of things I'd like to say, but I'm not really how to express them.

When it comes to art, I like posting works or photos that inspire me. Obviously, this blog exists (more or less, since I'm not really sure it has a concrete reason to have to exist) so I can post updates with my own work. I feel weird posting for an audience, though, so I never quite know if the text (be it a quote, a story that went through my head, a description of the work) that accompanies it is weird, pretentious, pointless, or on the mark.

I'm hoping that the piece I posted in this blog, along with its title, is weird (my M.O. and I'm not ashamed) but fun and not pretentious. I had fun making it, I like Red Riding Hood, and Octopi.

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