Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sculpey creatures

I'm going to force myself to go to a cafe and work, now that the L.A. rain seems to have either let up for good or be in its storm's eye. Left to my own devices in my quasi-messy room, I will sit around and do research online for work I have to do, but then it'll quickly turn into my reading blogs, articles, surfing CNN, then moving onto ONTD and Dlisted, and wasting time.

I retract that. It's never a waste of time to read, especially current events, but I would like to draw and do have to get some work done too. For some reason, I tend to zone out online less when I'm out of the house, even with my laptop computer in front of me. My room is a good work space when it isn't disorganized, but it is right now, so I'm going to head out once I post.

I mostly post about/do drawings, but I also make and sell sculpey toys, jewelry, and other things. Below is a photo of a bunch of Sculpey things I created, on the table of a fair I showed at a while back:

Sculpey is a really cool material. Kind of like Fimo, but for some reason I've always found Sculpey more pliable. Polymer clays, which both Sculpey and Fimo are, look like modeling clay, but you bake them in the oven and then they're hard afterwards. Sculpey also makes a new "eraser" clay, which actually erases after you bake it! I'm a big fan.

Anyway, I've created an Etsy, but haven't updated it yet. Shame, shame. I'll do it! I really have to. For now, though, here is the first place I will show some photos of my sculpey critters, magnets, toys, etc. I took these at February's Art Park in DTLA, where I had a table.

Above is my little sign, with the company name for my wares/work--I'm obsessed with drawing rotund, flying kitties with wings. In fact, I created a character called "The Flying Witty," and there's a cartoon of one, hovering out. c. 2008 on that creature, because I heart flying witties and they are all mine! (I know that sounds really insane and like I'm the "Wicked Witch of the West's" weird art-chick cousin, but moving on...)

Here's an ornament! For Christmas trees, or to hang anywhere on a nail in your house really. He's my anime-styled tiger/kitty creature. I think his eyes are pretty cool.

This little bear is wearing rain boots and a rain hat. I almost wrote rain slicker, but then I remembered a slicker is an actual coat, which this guy does not have. He is a magnet.

Here is another little polar bear/wintery ornament. I ultimately didn't sell him, but gave him away as a birthday gift! I thought he was fun to make, he was like a snow-bear.

Here's a little toy I made. She's a ballerina elephant.

A toy sculpture of a "flying witty!" Sadly, he looks less thrilled than the drawing of the one on my sign.

Here's an eraser! He's a koala, based on a toy I have named Fuzzles. Fuzzles appears in a lot of my work, because I'm secretly five and believe that my toys come to life and have parties at night. Especially Fuzzles. He's the ringleader of the parties.

Another work based on Fuzzles! This one's actually a magnet.

An ornament of a ladybug who is heartshaped. And smiling quite widely.

I have a thing for pink elephants. Here are sculpey toys I made of two pink elephants, attached a the hip. Quite literally, since they were sculpted as a unit.

Lastly, more sculpey pink elephant toys! These guys are also a literally attached couple, but they have the added difference of being Salt and Pepper shakers. In appearance only; they're not hollow and can't hold condiments. But I think they're fun all the same.

Hope anyone who might happen by here likes the critters :-) Now off to get ready/be useful. Here's hoping.

I'm hungry

But my stomach is meh, so I will instead post pictures of cards I drew of happiness. All the scenes are of people eating, playing with food, or playing in/around it (fantasy pictures, I s'pose, since it's not usually commonplace to sit in/play with life size eggs or slabs of cookie dough)

I believe this card's captioning is about being "Super Sweet."

This was a Valentine's Day Card I did, captioned en EspaƱol. Same general sweetness theme.

"You Have a Pizza My Heart!"

This is a fun/Love type Card, that says "You Are Super Sweet!"

"You're So Eggs-Cellent!" (Slight variation on a commission I did, in terms of the girls positioning. Commission was more detailed, this one seems foodier.)

Don't recall the caption of the top of my head, but the virtual soup seems yum.

I am now a tired cat.

That is all. Goodnight, Moon! World. Blogosphere! Okay. Stopping now.

Friday, February 26, 2010

illo-post before bed and some thoughts

"The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hook," c. 2010.

Blogging is kind of bizarre. With the exception of a few people completely comfortable in their own shamelessness and douchebaggery (I'm referencing certain gossip blogs I won't name, but I will admit I'm not talking about Dlisted because I love that blog and the hillarity of Michael K.), I don't feel like most people can truly express what they feel on a blog.

I used to be a really big livejournaler. I wrote about every damn thing under the sun that I went through, and I pretty much TMI-ed my friends' list to death with useless minutae about my personal life--surprise surprise, mostof those entries were about manchildren. I stopped cold, though. Sometimes, when shit gets real and lots of stuff goes down in life that has nothing to do withdrama, relationships, or other such trivial things, writing doesn't come easy. It doesn't really come at all. Which is why I find it hard to blog. There are lots of things I'd like to say, but I'm not really how to express them.

When it comes to art, I like posting works or photos that inspire me. Obviously, this blog exists (more or less, since I'm not really sure it has a concrete reason to have to exist) so I can post updates with my own work. I feel weird posting for an audience, though, so I never quite know if the text (be it a quote, a story that went through my head, a description of the work) that accompanies it is weird, pretentious, pointless, or on the mark.

I'm hoping that the piece I posted in this blog, along with its title, is weird (my M.O. and I'm not ashamed) but fun and not pretentious. I had fun making it, I like Red Riding Hood, and Octopi.

Class sketches

Here goes! First post of substance in twenty-ten.

Most of what I draw is with pen and ink and/or with watercolor, but I do love charcoal. I remembered that tonight at class.

I sometimes work at/take classes at Barnsdall Art Park in East Hollywood. Some super quick sketches I did of the model (which, bizarrely, came out looking like me and not the model??) are in this post.


<-- The "side-eye" view. Not really, but I wanted to be able to use the expression "side-eye" because it's awesome. Also an expression I wear much of the time, as I'm frequently unimpressed.