Monday, May 11, 2009

"Lose track of that iceberg, and the world flips over..."

"Let Go," c. 2007
"You can pin your hopes on anything. The thinner the justification, the more desperate the motivation, the harder we hold onto it. Lose track of that iceberg and the world flips over: you don't mess with people's real sh*t... The most inconsequential things are the most important... especially for those who have no hope."

-Jacob, on "Gossip Girl" writing for Television Without Pity. You can find his recaps here:

And I promise you, even if you never pay any mind to the show or have never turned it on, his recaps are awesome. Funny, well-written, touching--the whole nine.

I'm a big fan of that show, but an even bigger fan of the recaps--where the TWOP recapper goes into great detail about the facades being put up by the characters, how people really crack once someone knocks down their last hope once and for all, how a person (if ever) can get past pain they've gone through or bad choices they've made, and the idea of being a "New" versus an "Old" version of yourself (and whether those changes or "New" versions or reforms ever really work, ever really stick, and are ever really real).

Anyway, I thought of his recaps when posting these pictures.

"It was then he showed me..." c. 2007

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