Tuesday, January 20, 2009


If you like Mexican food that's super good, then check out Abuelita's up in Topanga. There's a Frida Kahlo inspired show up in the resturaunt, so yay for bright happy art being displayed while one consumes good food:


My piece is called "Everything's Coming Up Frida," which I guess is a self-explanatory title.

Monday, January 5, 2009

First post!

Hi everyone!

So, it's a new year, which means doing new things. I am venturing into the blogosphere while sorting out my proper website. I'm going to post illustrations and fine art that I have worked on or am presently working on here, as well as updates of shows/work/and other stuff that I'm up to. For anyone curious about some basic info about me, I'm a New Yorker who's lived in (and loves) London, but who presently resides in L.A. Thus far, I'm pretty busy with my job (I edit comics), my own work on the side (various art-y things), art fairs, and gallery shows, so most of that stuff is going to be what I write about.

Perhaps I'll mosey onto other topics, too, but for the most part I think blogs are like what Twitter is meant to be: a way to update people on what you are doing, and to keep people informed on your shiz, but not to make a post every time a fleeting/silly/insane/comment you may regret later thought comes into your head. I don't know. I'm against censoring creativity or art, but I guess I'm glad to personally have an internal "panic/DO NOT DO!" button in my mind that prevents me from incessant status updates on facebook, or from writing blogs every time someone or something doesn't thrill me, or things that I find quite silly, all along those lines. Hence, the creation of something more artsy-fartsy, and hopefully a bit more fun to read! :-)

Anyway, as is evident from above, I'm starting off this blog with a post of a drawing I did a while back of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Noir-ish lighting, courtesy of photoshop.
Hope everyone who stumbles upon this is well! Oh, and ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!