Monday, October 20, 2014

"Found Object" for "Creative Tuesdays"

I've had a lot of fun doing this one!  My found object was one I get a lot of use out of (an eraser).  At first I was blocked on what to do, but then I realized I could use an actual block for my submission for this theme.  Observe, below:

As I've been getting into Yoga into the past couple of months, I though it would be fun to do a Yoga illustration, and incorporate the eraser as a Yoga Block!  As you can see, my trusty muse Fuzzles the Koala is the Yogi in this picture, smiling, stretching, and wearing some Yoga-Friendly Threads.  

I've kept this picture all in black and white, in honor of #Inktober.  I used an XS tip Fabercastell Cartooning pen, and also a Japanese Brush Pen.  It's beginning to fray a bit, actually, which gave it some cool effects for the shadows and the fur of the Koala.

And finally, for some links!

Here's the link to the overall Creative Tuesdays Blog:

Here's the link to submit to "Found Object," for this week's challenge.  You have until tomorrow, Tuesday October 21st, so there's still a bit of time!

And lastly, I'll be posting this to Instagram later, and will include my link for any C.T. people I'm not already connected with on that site, to get connected with in the future:

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone is super well!

:-), Donna

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Pie" for Creative Tuesdays

As I posted via Instagram for those of you guys on that site as well, My entry includes Pie (Sweet), Pi (Mathematical), and Pie (Pizza, given that as one who dwells originally from New York, we often refer to Pizza as "Pie").  Here it is below:

I also chose to keep my cartoon sketch black and white because it's October, and online there's a thing going on called "Inktober."  Mister Toast is doing it too; yay for #inktober!  :-D  

It's a challenge to try and do a drawing every day in October, but the caveat is that the drawing has to include ink!  So, I used gray (or light black, as the packaging says) and black ink to draw my Raccoon.  I also drew it in a sketchbook I found and didn't realize I still had, which has textured, natural paper, which you might be able to see some of the texture of from the above photo.

I think he is a Math teacher, and perhaps amateur chef (who forgot to take off his hat upon entering his classroom).  Regardless, he happily brought some pie in for his students to try, while wearing a mathematically appropriate shirt for the occasion, and drawing about "Pie" and "Pi" on his blackboard.  While, secretly dreaming of Pizza.  It would be appropriate that this Raccoon was from New York, as they are critters who have overrun the suburban areas of NYC.  I've mentioned on the blog before, probably, about my dealings with these cute, but unfortunately destructive if they get into your attic, little (or sadly usually thirty to fifty pounds; not that little) guys.  I try and make cartoons and art about them as an homage/peace offering/incentive for them to do their thing in the forest, and not my house.

In any case, I loved looking at everyone's work!  I'm going to include a few links below.

If you are like me and getting this in late, below is the link to submit to this week's challenge for "Creative Tuesdays," of "Pies!"  Mister Toast has a fabulous illustration of a cute little boy carrying a ginormous, sky-high pile of yummy looking pies.

Here's the link to Creative Tuesday's Overall Blog, run by the fabulous Mister Toast, and posted to by a variety of really cool people and artists:

If any of you guys are interested in seeing the similar (but shorter) post/write up of this piece on my Instagram, that link is below:

And for anyone who is also on Instagram, I'd love to follow you/be C.T. buddies!  Link below.

Thanks guys!  Grateful for the inspirational themes, awesome people, and fun challenges of Creative Tuesdays, as always.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Red Apples" for Creative Tuesdays!

Hi everyone, eep, nearly forgot to submit this!  Been so busy with health things and changing life and then also working, I almost forgot to get this in.  But I had a great time doing this "Red Apples" challenge for Creative Tuesdays!

I decided to do a character design, of a girl with an apple inspired ensemble, apple scrunches, and an oversized (and ultimately, shrunk and edible) apple in her hand.  I decided to size this "Extra-Large," so my apologies if both my images below go a little bit outside the blog frame.

I may or may not have mentioned this online, but in addition to my own cartoons and drawings, I also teach at different afterschool programs in and around L.A., where I live (I visit home to NY pretty frequently, and would love to do a workshop there, but have not yet had that chance-- would be fun).  I teach kids how to draw comics and cartoon art, and it's a lot of fun!

Anyway, I always write a lesson for us to go over, and this is from my latest lesson on "Character Design," which means coming up with how a character will look in your comics and/or illustrations (and the next step is then making up their story, name, backstory, background, life, so on).

Character rotation is very important, since you need to know how they'll look from every angle.  I had to draw a human character as an example, and as it's "Back to School" time, I thought it would be fun to have my little character be Apple themed.  I literally spent ten hours working on writing my lesson plan this past Sunday, and she was the final drawing/design I made.

Usually I only show this to my students, but below is a sneak peek/screencap of a bit of the lesson's text, along with this girl character.

So, there you go!  I hope you guys have fun with my little educati-stration.  Or is it an ills-ucation?  Ehh, neither of those were my best puns (and I usually pride myself at my bad joke and wordplay abilities).  This was a fun challenge, and I love what everyone else did, too!  

Incidentally, given health changes I am eating apples like a fiend (although more often the Green Granny Smith's than the pure Red; occasionally I'll have a Gala Red/Yellow), so I doubly enjoyed this.

Without further ado, here are some links!

Here's the link to Creative Tuesday's Overall Blog, run by the fabulous Mister Toast, and posted to by a variety of really cool people and artists:

Here's the link to submit to "Red Apples," while there is still a tiny amount of time today!:

And lastly, I have yet to update my actual site with my educational drawings and writings (I need to get on that), but I'll link to my Instagram in case any of you guys are also on IG and would like to follow along on one another's progress/art posts:

That is all, and thanks so much for this theme/for everyone's awesome participation!  Internet collectives like C.T. make me really grateful for how the web makes the huge distance of the world not so spread out and communal afterall ^_^

Monday, August 11, 2014

"Poppies" for Creative Tuesdays

Hello, Everyone!  I missed the "Red Balloon" C.T. prompt, but I am back and did a lot of work inspired by "Poppies."  Really sorry I didn't get online; I was in New York visiting my family for my birthday.  

One of those important (so they say), decade marking birthdays (eeek!) :-p  Anyway I was so busy with family/not getting out to Starbucks to get Internet, I didn't get to make a new C.T. drawing for that week, and I didn't get online.  But I hope to make up for it this time around  ^_^  Below, is my prompt for "Poppies," as well as other versions of the piece.

As you can see, this watercolor and ink piece refers to "The Wizard of Oz," and the scene with the Poppies.  I immediately thought of this story for this challenge, as I'm a fan of the story and the musical.  Plus, when I was in seventh grade, my middle school put on the production.  I played a Winkie, a Tree, and a Poppy, appropriately enough.

My illustration more playful/less dark than the original scene, but Toto, Dorothy, and the Cowardly Lion are still all a bit sleepy from playing in the Poppies.  I wanted to add the Tin Man and the Scarecrow but my watercolor paper was too small; I'm thinking of making it into a Triptych, and adding two more panels where I could add them in one panel, and then the various witches in another panel.  Will see about that later.

Anyway, Poppies are beautiful, and they were very enjoyable to watercolor.  I got a lot of inspiration from vintage "Wizard of Oz" illustration, and worked towards making my piece semi-modern, semi-vintage, in execution.

This image above is how it looked with just the colored inks, before I added the watercolor.  I like the color version best, but I think this version might be useful if I ever tried to make it into a tee-shirt design.  Although, maybe the color would work better.  Either way I wanted to show my process :-p

And finally, I played around with making both version of this piece into patterns.  The patterns are a bit trippy, but I had fun making them and think they look kind of cool.

Color version of pattern:

Outline version of pattern:

So, that's all for now.  I have to leave a comment on my other blog entry and this week's blog entry page, but a big Thank You to Mister Toast for leaving me a super kind comment on my last C.T. entry, checking in to see if I was okay.  I am, thank you so much!  I missed C.T. and am glad to be back for this round.

Thanks, Mister Toast for all your great hard work and giving everyone a platform ^_^  I'll close with some links.

The link to my website, with print and pattern designs (as of this posting my "Wizard of Oz" work is not on there yet, but I am aiming to get it on there by or before August nineteenth):

The link to go to, to submit your own Poppy illustrations, due on August nineteenth:

Mister Toast's Blog (Home of "Creative Tuesdays"):

Mister Toast's Illustration Website Overall:

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and a day!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Creative Tuesdays and the theme of "Bread and Jam"

Hello All!  I decided to do a simpler, graphic sketch for this C.T., and I had fun!

First off, the theme was bread and jam.  I thought of doing something sweet and classic, maybe a child wearing a Victorian outfit eating some bread and jam.  But then I couldn't stop thinking about Kawaii-- that means super cute in Japanese, and there are a lot of tee-shirts, designs, and just drawings on the web of Kawaii food, where food becomes anthropomorphic, has cute little faces, and has a life of its own.

So, for my "Bread and Jam" submission, there are two tiny pieces of toast who are friends.  One has to help the other, as you can see from the caption above.  I had fun doing this as it was a fun pun to create, and a fun little scene to draw.  I suppose it's a bit cute yet dark given the predicament of the toast in the jam, but, luckily he's got a friend there to save him from the sticky situation.

With maybe a bit of tweaks and re-drawing, I feel like it could work as a tee-shirt or a silly card design.  I know Mister Toast and others have discussed the merits of Traditional art over Vector art, but I'm glad that I drew this one with lines that I think could translate to Vector-ing, if necessary.  I used a pentel brush pen for the lines, le plume markers for the blue background and some of the coloring (those are like copics but not as much), and watercolor for everything else.

Hope everyone is having a great day!  Here is the link to Mister Toast's website, where you can see his wonderful illustrations and read his blog:

And here's his blog entry to submit for today's theme of "bread and jam," for which there is still a bit of time:

Thanks for reading!  Hugs and take care.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Pig" for Creative Tuesdays!

Hi everyone!  Above is my initial submission for the Creative Tuesdays challenge of "PIG!"  It's done in a looser, more cartoony style than I sometimes work in, but I've been playing around with this (and I think this style works good for one panel, gag-cartoon images where the image should be clear-er to read, without too many distracting details like I sometimes am prone to use).

I sketched this out with a brush pen and filled in with Le Plume (like Copic, alchol based and not water based) markers.  My "Pig" piece has to do with the phrase "When pigs fly," which people (or other animals, I am sure) don't think ever happens in real life.  My silly cartoon has a Pig, actually, doing just that, while being confused at seeing a Pink Elephant, who is in turn confused at seeing the Airborne Swine.

A tiny Pink Mouse is also sneaking up, and has no idea what to make of the scene.  Maybe they were all born bright pink.  Or maybe the Elephant and the Mouse wandered into a vat of paint.  Either way, these animals are all a little skeptical of one another, but I'm sure they'll eventually get over it and play together. Maybe if Piggy is strong, he can pick them up and fly them places.

I just got the aforementioned Le Plume markers over the weekend while attending an Anime convention, and they are often used for cartoon and comic illustration.  So, I thought it would be fun to do a little scene for this C.T. submission in a comic-y format, and put these markers to good use.  I also converted the illustration to a Vector style, to see how it would come out looking more digitally:

I'd wager nearly the same, except the vector would have looked much better if I'd either not colored in the grass and sky I think, or if I'd done it in watercolor, as you can see the lines of the marker in this version.  Oh well.  Living, learning, and verrrrry gradually figuring out the whole digital aspect to art :-p

And now, without further ado, here are the links to the great Mister Toast, and his blog/Creative Tuesday Challenges!

To submit to the theme of "PIG," make sure you do it today, the eighth of July!  Click over to this link to do so:

To check out Mister Toast's site, please go to:

And for Creative Tuesdays overall, please go to:

Hope everyone is doing well, and looking forward to seeing lots of cute Piggies for this challenge :-D

Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Creative Tuesdays," and the theme of "I want to go..."

Hello, everyone!  Below is my illustration (a children's illustration) with a double meaning for the C.T. prompt, "I want to go!"


My initial "wanting to go" response was, "I want to go outside and play!"  And, if we're going to get technical-- it is a dream of mine (because of an obsession with Koalas, and a love of traveling) to visit Australia ^_^

So, my full sentence I guess would be, "I want to go outside and play-- In Australia!"  (With a Koala, Wombat, Kangaroo, Bilby, and any other awesome Zoo Creature).

I guess since I'm from New York and descended from some serious Yankee fans, I can consider this little illustration of a Wombat as a spirit animal, representing what I myself would want to do if playing in his homeland.  Not necessarily playing American baseball, per-see, but frolicking outside would be nice.  Speaking of, I also styled his outfit after the Vintage baseball outfits, a la what Babe Ruth wore.

This piece's pun is obvious, as he's outside, playing baseball, and the caption is "Wom-Batter Up!" (Heh heh; oh, wordplays).

In any case, this illustration is one I've done as a children's illustration, and I am trying to do a lot more kids' illustrations with puns, that could be hung in someone's room, or other things with a combination of pictures and texts.  I'm also trying to do various pieces featuring Australian Animals (not only Koalas, Kangaroos, and Wombats, but other ones which aren't as well known).  A friend of mine ordered the print of it, which I have to ship later this afternoon :-p 

And now, without further ado, here are links!

To submit to this "I want to go..." theme for Creative Tuesdays, head to this link of Mister Toast's before Tuesday the 24th of June:

And to check out his overall blog, head here:

Lastly, here's the link to my website-- specifically, the section with prints, patterns, and Australian Creatures:

Thanks for reading, and hope everybody is well!

Hope everyone has a G'Day ;-)