Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Creative Tuesdays. Box of Chocolates!

Hi All!

Valentines Day is fast approaching so it was fun to be able to make a C.T. card for the occasion!

The theme for this week's C.T. was Box of Chocolates.  On the inside, this card says "Eres Tan Dulce" (that means "You are so sweet" in Spanish, keeping with my punny punni-ness).  The girl is holding a box of chocolates, there's one cracked open on the floor, and there are floating chocolates framing the couple.  Flowers and chocolates are a classic Valentine's Day theme, and I thought they would be fun to put into this "Creative Tuesdays"challenge.

Like my piece last C.T., I used ink and colored it in with my new Winsor and Newton pigment markers, which are great and work like Gouache.  I had fun with the yellow and purple, too (I love using complementary colors and making things pop out whenever possible).  

I am making a bunch of these little cards for a Fair I am doing on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day.  This week's C.T. was a huge help and inspiration, since sometimes I get stuck trying to think of new and fun ways to illustrate romantic and/or V-Day themed cards.

The fair I am doing is at a great local arts center close to where I live, called Self Help Graphics.  And in 2008 it was the first place I ever sold work that I'd made/the first time I ever tried out selling my totally handmade little cards.  It was a lot of fun and a wonderful first arts vending experience.  Anyway, I was very happy, and am happy to be vending again with them and supporting an organization that is a huge boon to Los Angeles in terms of art, education, and culture.

Anyway, I have rambled too much as usual.  Onto some links!

To submit to Creative Tuesdays, you must do so today by the end of the day!  The theme is "Box of Chocolates," and you can submit at the link here:


To check out C.T. Overall, please go to:


To check out the work of our co-op creator and organizer, Mister Toast, please go to:


And lastly, for information on the art fair I spoke about, here it is:


Thanks for reading and hope everybody has a sweet day (yuk yuk, although I do really most sincerely mean that ^_^ )

Monday, January 18, 2016

Creative Tuesdays, "Home is Where the Heart Is"

Here is my submission for "Creative Tuesdays." and the challenge of "Home is Where the Heart Is!" I've been working on an illustration all about home/places/both my homes.  I've made different version of it. so I am submitting the version of it for this challenge that is in color, and includes hearts. Some are suspended, and some are attached to things, as per the specifications of this challenge.

I am originally from New York (suburbs of NYC, although I far prefer the city), live in California, and go back and forth frequently. So, I have two homes, two places, two sets of people. Home is where the heart is, and mine is split between each side of the country, so this challenge feels especially apt for me right now. If home is where the heart is, sometimes it feels like I have several homes, and at other times no homes. I guess with difficult goings on in life, and with house issues and repairs, it can make the idea of home seem lonely. But I know I am lucky and do not mean to whine. A lot is happening in my mind too, so, guess my blog is reflecting my wandering thoughts.

I am working on a grown up coloring book, so, another version of my cities/homes and heart piece is below. I colored it with my new Winsor and Newton pigment markers, which I love, but liked the black and white version as well.

Anyway, you have time to sign up, until Tuesday January 19th! Go to the most recent entry at Mister Toast's blog at www.creativetuesdays.blogspot.co.uk to enter your image at the link (-:

Hope you are all well, Happy New Year, and may your Homes and Hearts be Happy!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year! Hope Everyone's 2016 is shaping up to be Ama-Zine

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I have been very busy of late, but to start the New Year off right, I am posting new works and works in progress!

I've spent the past six weeks in New York.  Even though I go back and forth frequently, I usually can only stay for a week or two.  But this time, I got a longer time off to go see family, from work in L.A.

Anyway, I have been inspired-- both from my travels, from the city I've adopted/the one that can't quite shake me yet, old activity books I've found in my Mom and Dad's house that were mine-- and adult coloring books!  So, this year I am creating and self-publishing my own Color-Zine book. Work in Progress shots are below:

I'm going to put Activities in this book, as well as Games/Facts.  It can be kept intact, or, cut apart for the games/activities, and so when you color in the images, you can then display them with your own coloring work!

It will cover fun facts and information pertaining to both L.A. and New York, and be accompanied by drawings that Grown Ups who are Kids at Heart can color in!  Even kids too.  And, hopefully everybody will be able to learn something (-:  Above is a character from the Color-Zine who has lots of hidden facts about both sides of the Country.  Some more touristy things are easily recognized, but I'm more excited for people to learn about lesser known but cool things (i.e. the Felix the Cat statue near USC).

Below that is a girl inspired by the Huntington Gardens, and a Princess/Witch full of Magic.  And by Magic, I mean she'll be accompanied by an Activity (can't tell yet, it's secret!) having to do with learning about Succulents.
Next is the girl from the book who will have facts about Long Beach, what people (who are out of towners, or locals) can do when visiting the city-- and most importantly, will have an activity about Aquatic Life!  Her outfit is comprised of Jellies, Coral, and her pets/spirit animals are Weedy Sea Dragons.  Honestly, stop everything and go visit the beautiful Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  They are great for animal conversation of Marine Life, and Weedy Sea Dragons are the most magical, Giant Sea Horse Esque creatures there are.  This activity section of the zine encourages people to visit said Aquarium, while making clear what their hours, activities, and so forth are down there.  
And finally, I am working on the cover of my Color-Zine.  The original is being colored in with these amazing markers I discovered at the CTN Expo, called "Winsor and Newton Pigment Markers."  They're pricey but worth it!  Coloring books usually have a colorful color to give some inspiration.  But I hope everybody colors in the Black and White NYLA girl however they see fit.

More soon, and Happy 2016!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Creative Tuedays. Old World Christmas!

Hi All! This week's theme is "Old World Christmas" here at C.T., so here is my new "Joyeux Noel" old, European feeling submission, at I hope it feels European even apart from the caption en Francais.

I just finished this tonight. Seems to be a Greeting card design inspired by Victorian Christmas Cards and Vintage Fashion.

Her face is drawn with prismacolor pencil and the rest are hues from the new pigment marker collection by Winsor And Newton.  These new markers blend vibrant colour well and I am enjoying playing with them.

As happens a fair amount I am visiting family so I'm updating from my phone. It is cold in New York. Also dark, a lot. I visit my family in New York fairly often and it's not like I'm not used to the weather of where I come from despite living in California now but for some reason the time change has hit me hard this year and continues to kind of be a struggle. Even in L.A. it being dark at five bummed me out, and of course in the East Coast the Sun tends to start going down closer to four or four thirty, so ... Anyhow. I am very very very tired (without getting into specifics I would super appreciate love, prayers, Internet Hugs, and Good Vibes as many big life things are happening in my life now), and wish I could say more, but hopefully my Holiday Card speaks for itself.

Anyway, you still have time to submit! I hope I did this right via Mobile. Click on the words below to go see other submissions and to submit yourself. You have some time still to submit by, on, the Tuesday September 8th due date!

Creative Tuesdays Old World XMAS

Thank you guys as always for being awesome. And thank you, Mister Toast, for the gift of Creative Tuesdays!



Friday, November 20, 2015

Congratulations, Card-Toonists and Zinesters!

My students at Barnsdall in the Spring, Summer, and Fall Sessions at 2015 did such a great job!  I am super excited to have added Zine-Making (and Card-Tooning, since printing your own cards is also a DIY self-publishing activity (-; ) to my repertoire of Children's Classes that I teach over at Barnsdall.  Making comics, making zines, and teaching kids are all things that mean a great deal to me.  Helping people get their voices and art out there, especially at an art age, I think (and hope) is a valuable thing.

Each final class is a mini Zine Fest, and I wanted to recap the year with some snapshots of the micros, minis, and traditional zines they all drew, wrote, folded, and photocopied/stapled.  I also loved the Cards they made that we got printed off site.  I can't wait for next year's students and amazing works.

Great job Everyone!  Hope everyone enjoys the photos and sneak peeks of their work from the Festival.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! #Inktober zine in the works, as well as "Echidna and Echeveria" Accordion Book update

Happy Halloween!

It's my favorite Holiday, and am happy to celebrate before going out tonight (will be dressed as "Furiosa" from "Mad Max"), by posting some of the drawings I finished during this year's #Inktober online challenge.  I'm going to be self-publishing a little character design zine of all my Inktober drawings, probably out early 2016.  I'd love to have it out for the Holidays, but it isn't practical with shows I already have coming up and a big trip home soon.

Anyway, below are some Ink (and Jack O' Lantern) Cacti, Punny Ink and Gouache Cats, Ink and Marker DOTD characters I drew to honor my late Great Grandparents, Grandmother, and Grauntaunt, and a Zomb-balerina.  If you scroll past those, you can see an update on Mister Echidna!


So, the next pictures are some further illustrations I've done on my "Echidna, Echeveria" project.  It's an illustrated story for kids, and I am going to initially be releasing it as a self-published Accordion Book.

I have seen some great zines created in the accordion book style, and I am excited to draw something that can double as a self-published book, as well as a folded piece of art that can (literally) fold out and stand on its own.  Also, I love the tiny accordion books that I've seen my students in zine-making make, and am inspired to make one of my own.

In my project, on one side, the book will showcase the part of the story where the Echidna gets lost in a Cacti Garden and makes a friend, and be in color (original drawn in Prismacolor pencil).  On the other, it will show another garden, where the animal friends Echidna got separated from, are still strolling through.

Scroll below for some sketches I'm doing to prepare for drawing out this section.  Again, I won't have this finished in time for Christmas, but if you love spiky animals/plants, look for it around Valentine's Day of 2016 ^_^

Thank you all for reading, and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Creative Tuesdays: Black Cat!

Here is "Black Cat," for Creative Tuesdays, and in celebration of Black Cat Day! I luckily have my own giant, live-in, fluffy art model, who I used as reference for this challenge.

I live with a thirty pound Black Cat. Who is shameless. He loves lying on his back for comfort, belly rubs, and overall being cute and ridiculous. He is so spoiled, he will actually swat at you if he wants to be petted and you ignore him. Anyway. I drew him and added a couch background, as well as a drawing of him within the drawing, because this is one of his very "Draw me like one of your French Girls," a la "Titanic," unfortunate yet shameless and adorable poses. I love this little big guy.

Also, as a special announcement. Black Cats and Dogs make wonderful pets! They are often the last to be adopted in shelters, and the first to be euthanized. If you ever need a pet, please consider getting one. I have known many noir furred friends, and they are always very sweet and loving. If you already have such a pet, as I do, even if they go outside sometimes, please keep them inside your house this week and on Halloween especially. People pull horrible pranks and worse on them at this time of year, and it is important to keep your fur babies safe and away from anyone who would do something mean and cruel to them.

Okay, rant over. Without further ado, I am typing out the link to submit to this C.T. Purrfect challenge! I apologize, ugh, posting from my phone which for some reason won't let me copy the exact link, or live link to Mr. Toast's blog. However, you can copy and paste the link below, go to the top entry labeled "Black Cat," and then submit your name and link in the linksy box:


Submit at that link, and you have until 6:00 PM Mountain Time today, the 28th of October:

 Thank you as always Michael/Mister Toast.   (-: I loved this challenge, and am glad to get the chance to immortalize my giant fluffy friend.

Hope everyone's weeks are the Cat's Meow! (-;