Monday, February 16, 2015

"Pillow" for Creative Tuesdays

Hello, C.T.-ers!  I am so swamped, so I won't write as much as usual (even though I'll probably ramble), but I made sure to do a Doodle from the heart, and on the theme of this week's theme, "Pillow."  Something I feel like I don't have much contact with anymore, and that I didn't wish I had to!  In other words, sleep is over-rated, but, I cannot avoid it.

Below is a portrait of myself as a Koala (looking an awful lot like my Stuffed Toy, Fuzzles The Koala), in my current mode.  I just did a Zine (meaning self published Comic or Magazine) fair this past weekend, which went great and I'm really grateful for the experience-- but it took forever to prepare for, and there are more I'm interested in/have to apply to.

I spent all day today writing comic book lesson plans (luckily I had the day off to get things done), as I'm teaching at four centers right now, afterschool program wise.  Excited about the lessons, I just wish there were enough hours in the day.  And, I have homework to do for that art class I'm taking, hence the spilled ink-- and, that the Koala collapsed before even getting to sleep on her Precious Pillow.  "So close, and yet so far," in so many ways.  (I downloaded this great packet called "The Focused Creator," and it's all about Time Management for people working in the arts... and I totally need to make time to read it, and actually implement it.  Oopsie face.)

In any case, I will get to looking at everybody's work tomorrow, knock on wood!  Thanks for providing a great theme, and I hope to do a more detailed one next time.  I did use my last bout of energy to draw this cartoon, before falling at the base of my pillow myself ^_^

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Thanks for reading, and looking forward to all your entries <3 nbsp="" p="">

Monday, February 2, 2015

"Around The World," For Creative Tuesdays

Hi All!

So, my "Around the World" is a duel purpose piece and it is actually huge (usually I work on small-ish illustrations, small cards, and comic pages, which range between 3"x5" to notebook size to 11"x17" but not too much huger than that), 50" tall and 38" wide.  Still untitled, but phone photo (and one zoomed in detail) below.  I did it with a combination of some sketch placement with blue pencil, but a lot of it organically coming out with Pentel Brush Pen, and actually painting with a brush from a pot of ink.

It's an illustration I created, where the biggest part of the "Around the World" part to me is the Bollywood dance aspect of it (one of my best friends dances in an internationally touring Bollywood dance company, and while seeing her perform in New York has been great, I'd love to go overseas and see her/such dancing, too), but the ballet and more hip music parts of it also make me think of going around the world (Russia, for ballet, and America, hip music parts-wise).

Around the same time this challenge was proposed, a class I'm taking on Tuesday nights had the homework assignment of creating an illustration based on three combined genres of music.  I was inspired by Bhangra (Bollywood dance music), Romantic Classical (read: Basically Ballet music; this was my excuse to do something with Tchaikovsky, slash, "Swan Lake," as I have an obsession with that ballet and the film "Black Swan"), and, Techno.

These different music and dance forms inspire me because I love the dance aspects that go with them, and culturally all three have different relevance.  In America, it's great to let loose and have fun at a party and dance to a Techno song, in India there's a lot of cultural and historical significance to Bhangra (and the dance form itself is amazing to watch), and "Swan Lake" is performed worldwide, but I got lucky enough to see the Bolshois from Russia perform it a couple of years back when they came to Los Angeles, and, I think the Russian cast did that ballet the best of any cast I've ever seen do it.  Again, probably because of the cultural/historical significance.

So, for C.T., I thought this piece fit the theme of "Around the World," as it's a character of Fusion, whose perhaps traveled around the world to learn these various dance forms, so she can stand en pointe, do the traditional and beautiful movements of Bhangra, listen to her iPod as she dances, and think nothing of it as the Swan Lake Swans are born out of her.  For me personally, I love world travel and going new places.  I'd love to travel around the world and see these dance pieces in person.
Plus, I am taking this continuing education class that this piece was homework for, in an attempt to broaden my world, become a stronger illustrator, and if I'm lucky, be able to use those skills when I do travel, so I can create art when traveling/do a better job of it.

So, now that I've written a mini-novel, I will sign off.  I hope my concept for "Around The World" wasn't too conceptual, and I appreciate everyone tuning in my blog.  Looking forward to seeing everyone else's work, and hope everyone had a great couple of weeks!

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Thanks for reading, again ^_^

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My 2015 Word for Creative Tuesdays

Hello, Everyone!  Happy 2015, Again :-D  This week's challenge for "Creative Tuesdays" was to pick a word for 2015.  I'm including a sketchbook illustration I did based on my one main word.

First, is my main submission for C.T., with the theme and word, "Persevere."

In my little drawing, my Koala is pushing along (and wearing a brace), and trying to "Persevere," even if things are difficult.  Hearts and swirls are coming out of his efforts, so even though it's tough, something positive is coming out of it.

I think trying to "Persevere" is one of the hardest things to do in life, and in art, when there are constant daily difficulties of stress, work, illness, injury, family and friend issues, unforeseen obstacles, and all the rest of it.  But I don't know an alternative to attempting to keep going, which is why I am telling myself that my theme and word for this year, and for this challenge, is, to "Persevere."

Or, for those of you who also love Cartoons and Animation (and have seen this favorite Pixar film of mine), here's how Dory of "Finding Nemo" says the same thing:

Anyway.  That's all for me for now!

But to see what others wrote for their C.T. 2015 Word entries, which is due today, please head over to Mister Toast's blog entry at:

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Thanks for reading, and hope your 2015 is still going well so far :-D


Monday, January 5, 2015

Creative Tuesdays: Ringing In The New Year! In a TuTu Fabulous Way.

Happy New Year!

So, my post is not actually for the holiday of New Year's or New Year's Eve, but, it's on theme for "RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR," as drawing this illustration was how I spent my NYE, and actually literally ringing in (doodling and painting in?) the new year.  Since working on making more cards is a goal of mine in general, and Valentine's Day is the next big card-y holiday coming up, I want to ring in the New Year by doing more work and prepping for such holidays ^_^ With Punny Card-Toons!

I just landed back in L.A. as I type this, from having been visiting family in N.Y.C., and I am quite tired, but I will try and describe my card a little.  This card, "You Are TuTu Fabulous, Valentine!" has a silly ballet related pun, and as a bonus, these fabulous dancing ladies have a little Pug ballerina.  Who, let's be honest, is wrinkly and fabulous and may just beat out her human friends for that starring role in "Swan Lake," or, "The Nutcracker."

While the pug is not the Chinese New Year animal (the Sheep for 2015), this is a note to myself to draw a cute HNY sheep at some point, and also, just commenting that I was happy to spend the New Year transition while doodling one of my favorite acitivites (dance) alongside one of my favorite creatures (wrinkly dogs, and Pugs, in particular-- although you all know I love Shar-Peis as well).

I am rambling.  And now, for links!

Here is the Creative Tuesdays overall link:

And here is the link to submit, by tomorrow Tuesday January Sixth, for the new theme:

Thanks for reading everyone, and hope 2015 is TuTu Fabulous for you!



Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Final Yearly C.T.! Favorite Pieces of 2014: One from Creative Tuesdays, One Otherwise

Hi Everyone!

So for today's C.T., I am going include two pieces: My favorite piece of the year not posted to C.T., and my favorite piece of the year posted to C.T.  I know Mister Toast said ideally the piece could be from C.T., but could also not be from C.T. if it was just a strong yearly piece, so, I've gone ahead with both.

First, here's my new piece.  Well, not new, but new for C.T.!  This is "The Sengi Shrew in Thai Elephant's Clothing," and probably my favorite little illustration of the year (he's also now on my business cards).  I did him with watercolor, and Japanese Pentel ink brush pens.

Sengis are these really cool little African Mammals.  I saw an article about them in the spring and was blown away with how interesting and cute they were.  They're Elephant Shrews, but genetically, they are actually more Elephant than Shrew, despite being teeny itty bitty.

So, I decided that I had to draw one.  I started drawing him while getting food in this L.A. Restaurant called "Leela Thai," which is amazing decorations and art featuring eleborately dressed Thai elephants.  I thought this little African Elephant Shrew would look neat in Thai Elephant's Clothing.  So, here he is hanging out in finery (maybe he went overseas to meet his larger Thailand based cousins), and also using his trunk to play with a teensy Lotus Flower.

And next, is my favorite piece that I submitted to C.T., for the theme of "I want to go...!"

I am honestly tied between this as a favorite, and the one I did last time with the "Shar-Pei Diem" pun, but this one was a ton of fun to make, and I love Australian Animals.  So, the punny "Wom-Batter Up" Wombat won.  I also was thinking about this piece as I sold the original at the Holiday Fair I did at one of the places I teach at, and it was fun to have this happy little guy go off to a home where he can inspire the little boy he was a gift for, to play ball :-)

I never get to blog as much as I'd like, but C.T. is an inspiration to blog, to make work, and to check out amazing stuff being done by other artists.  I've probably said it before, but that's one thing I really like about the Internet.  The possibility to connect and have a happy supportive community of web-friends making art, even if you are all too far to connect past the pixels of a screen.  Anyway, I'm really happy Michael/Mister Toast has been running the blog again this year, and I'm honored to get to be a part of the collective and post on the very cool themes ^_^

So, here it is as my favorite 2014 C.T. submission!  Perhaps these unusual little marsupials and other creatures I draw can all come up in a future drawing :-) I do have an idea for a future project involving all Aussie animals, but then again, it's also exciting to discover cool animals worldwide (such as the African Sengi).  Maybe I should suggest one of these ideas as a C.T. theme for everyone :-D

And now, without further ado, here are some links!

It's Tuesday of this challenge being due, and it's down to the wire, but if you are running late like me you can still submit at the link below: 

Here is the Creative Tuesdays overall link:

And here is my link to my website, with the patterns and fun animals section, which showcases both of the little dudes I posted about above:

Thanks for reading, and hope everybody is well!  Merry Yearly End!  (And many virtual hugs for you all)



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Dreams of December" for "Creative Tuesdays"

Hi All,

My post will be a bit un-orthodox, but I hope fun!  Or, mostly fun.

My "dreams of December" are not actually Christmas related, but more life related, in wanting to be able to be happy and enjoy things.  I finished the picture below and wanted to submit it for C.T.  Like last time, it prominently features a Shar-Pei wrinkle-pup.

I started this a while ago, and decided to make sure to get it finished for the C.T. theme.  I didn't want to rush and do a specific holiday picture and do it poorly, so I decided to pour all my energy into finishing this off-beat submission for the theme (in addition, since a lot has been going on with me I knew I'd have a chance of finishing something I started, but that starting something new was likely going to be impossible).  

In terms of something specifically December-y, I hope to print up card and print versions of this to sell at a December Holiday Fair I'm doing through work.  In terms of "Dreams of December," well, it would be a dream to wear a fun outfit, to frolick around with a magical and wrinkly dog friend, and to play while flowers rained down on you.  

More practically, this entry is a bit of a reminder to myself to try and "Seize the Day," and keep punning ("Shar-Pei Diem" instead of "Carpe Diem"), both in art and in life.  Some really stressful situations are going on in my family life right now, so I guess my "Dream  of December" (knock on wood) is for things to be better all around, and for myself and everyone I love to be able to seize the proverbial day.  That's something necessary for December, when we turn between years, and overall in life, and yet, it's so hard to do.

Anyway, although I didn't finish the below submission for C.T. specifically, I'll submit it as a Part II. to make sure I stay totally on the December/Holiday theme.  Another "December Dream" of my own, and I'm sure everyone's, is to have a Happy Holiday Season.  I'll let the silly and punny card caption and characters speak for themselves.

Incidentally, that's a wish I have for all of you great peeps over at C.T.!  To have a happy, fun, enjoyable holiday season, with perhaps some animals thrown in (of course, if you like animals, and/or kitties and owls).

And now, for some links!

The main C.T. link by Mister Toast is at:

And, here's the link to submit, and you still have a bit of time today, a day later than the usual "Creative Tuesdays" day, on Wednesday December 3rd!

I will get to looking at everyone's work tomorrow, and have not forgotten.  From the Day after Thanksgiving until Today have been rather mad/stressful/a bit of a shock, and I was out of town Back East.  I'm back in California for a Spell until later in December, and as soon as I'm fully re-settled I'll comment on peoples' work.  I've glanced around and seen some great work (a Christmas kitty, if I recall!), but I"ll look at the "December Dreams" more thoroughly tomorrow.

Best wishes, and thanks for reading my very long (even more so than usual), hopefully a bit silly, and definitely a bit somber post.  But I do truly hope your holidays ("howl"-idays, if dogs are involved?) are a "purr-fect" hoot ^_^

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Ho Ho Ho," for the Christmas Themed Edition of Creative Tuesdays!

Hello, Everyone!

This week's Creative Tuesdays we had an option of three sets of Festive Words or Christmas Phrases we could use in our submissions.  "Ho Ho Ho," "Good Tidings," or "Christmas Wonder."

So, for once, I did not draw a Koala for my submission (although the temptation to create a Santa Ko-ho-ho-ho-ala was tempting).  Because I love wrinkly dogs, and I met one that inspired me last week, my piece has a Shar-Pei Santa.  I met a Shar-Pei puppy, she was adorable, and now I am working on a couple of different Shar-Pei pieces.  First one below.

My friend who saw me working on this remarked that these are the least "ho ho ho" looking dogs there are, but, I disagree.  Their eyes are super puppy-dog-ish, and if they pout the wrinkles appear to exaggerate their mood, but overall I think they are cute and cheery, wrinkles and all.

In this design, I wanted to make it a Christmas-y one that also blended elements of doggy things, hence the Gingerbread Bone he's sitting on, and the Gingerbread Bone Lettered "Ho Ho Ho."  In addition to the Christmas-y pattern around him, I also gave him a Santa Hat and a Snow-Dog.  

(If this Shar-Pei had magical powers and was hiding away, maybe he'd have a sad sibling sitting outside his doggy door, sadly singing, "Do you wanna build a Snow-dog??"  "Frozen" reference for any one else into animation and/or that particular movie, which, I still probably sadly like just as much as my elementary school aged students).

This was such a fun illustration to make!  I will be doing a holiday fair at one of the places that I teach, so methinks I will print up a few cards and prints for sale of this doggy.

And now, for some links:

The overall Creative Tuesday Blog run by Mister Toast is at:

The link to submit today (the last day) for the worded Christmas themes is at:

Below is my Instagram link for any C.T. people I am not connected with, in case you are on and want to follow one another:

And finally, the link to my website.  I'm linking to the section this my Shar-Pei will go into, even though I haven't uploaded him there yet.  Even more fun, is that I am using my Yoga Koala (for the found object assignment) that I created here for C.T. as a bit of a logo on my site, which I just re-did.  He can be seen at the top left corner of all the pages.  Thank you for the inspiration, Mister Toast!

Thanks much for stopping by, and hope everybody is well (-: