Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Creative Tuesdays. Gumball!!!

Hi All my C.T. friends, Happy New Year!

Here is my submission for Creative Tuesdays and the theme of Gumball!

As you guys may know, I have a beloved plush Koala who's named Fuzzles. So this sketch celebrates is they made Koala shapes bubble gum balls, and hence, Fuzzlegum!

I'm so sorry this is so late. I've been really sick and just starting to get better this week and I'm getting this in right before the link expires.

To submit in the next hour, or see the other very cool submissions, please go to Michael/Mister Toast's blog link here:


Can't wait to see the other fun Gumball submissions! This was so much fun to do :-D

Thursday, February 2, 2017

"What's Left:" A Punny Zine Work In Progress Update

Below are some excerpts from a new zine project I've been working on for some time, and will be finishing and then getting printed at the end of this month, called “What’s Left?” 

It's a bit of a pun (usually a running theme of my life).  "What's Left?" Can mean what you have left, or what remains, after you have been through a great deal.  In this case, it's also literal, as these are a collection of drawings I've done with my left hand.  I've been teaching myself to be ambidextrous/not only draw with my right hand, because of injuries, and it's also good for your brain to actually use both hands for traditionally hand-dominant activities-- added bonus.  This zine is a sketchbook zine, but it will also have text excerpts with some drawing and brain exercises I've discovered are helpful, and can give artists with hand injuries things to work towards and practice.  

There is hope in "what's left," no matter what you need to do to draw.  Scroll down, and check out the some sample pages from this zine.  

Friday, January 20, 2017

Zine-Making and Card-Tooning Sneak Peeks! Zines Made By Kids at the JAC

Hello World!  I can't believe we're in 2017.  Bizarre on a few levels.  

But one of the great things about 2016, and so far 2017, has been getting to read, help create (as a teacher does when coaching her students), and print amazing zines, little zines, and accordion books done by my JAC Students over at Barnsdall Art Center!

I'm always really impressed by the variety of what the kids I teach come up with.  While some students stick to illustration and storytelling when making zines, others keep their zines more based in the literary, and yet others have created zines that are almost like Young Adult novels, with a few illustrations.  I wanted to share with the world some stuff done by my students from last term, as well as works currently being worked on by my present students.  

I don't want to spoil all the contents, but-- above, and below, you can see clips from the children's story zines "Flower Dog" (a Dia De Los Muerto's Puppy's adventures), "Friends," and "The Last Airbender, our class self-published coloring book anthology, the suspenseful sci-fi illustrated story zine "The First Monster and the Mad Scientist," and the Purr-fect accordion book-- all about a kitten!  The kids who make these zines are all in elementary or middle school, and are already terrific artists and storytellers.  Am excited to keep printing these zines, showcasing them at our student Zine Fest at the JAC, and then bringing copies out into the world for people to enjoy, to help spread the word when I am out and about at a zine fair on my own.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

#WIP-ing away-- sneak peeks of the pieces for my "Cact-tea Collection," accordion book zine coming out this spring

  Anyone who knows me knows that my love of Cacti is pretty strong.  I love drawing them, I have made books and stories based on cacti and cacti-like animals (anyone want a hedge-hug? heh, moving on), and-- I'm posting since I wanted to share with the world some art samples from the newest accordion book/zine I'm working on, which is botanical illustration and cacti- based.  I'm doing a ton of these illos and getting this printed at the end of next month.  w00t!

In the past, I've always used super bright colors, Prismacolor, and Winsor Newton or Copic Markers to do my botanical illustrations-- but this new project is totally different.  While I'm using Watercolor, I'm calling it the "Cact-tea" (ba dum bum ching)  collection," as all these Cacti I'm drawing also are using natural materials.  In there, I've used espresso, beet, tumeric, and of course, Chai, Matcha, and other teas.
Can you guess which pigments of these were natural, which were paint, and which natural pigment produced which color?  Below, please scroll down to see my Red-Top Cactus, Succulent, and Echeverias.  I'll spoil the one above-- it's a Queen Victoria Agave, done with watercolor and espresso.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"Lonely" Book Update

Been working on this series, and wanted to post some clips from the first and now third issue.

"Lonely," also known as " (l) o n (e) l y," is a prose memoir zine, with some narrative illustrations to accompany the text.  It's about being an only child, and one's identity in that regard.  For anyone who has read the twin memoir "Her," which poses the question who are you/how do you exist without your twin, this zine series I've been working on explores those same feelings, except from the only child perspective.

Check out the art below; first an art clip and text from the newest zine issue, and then some from the first issues:

"Are you alone, too?  Are you going or coming?  I don't know if anyone will pick her up at the train station.  No one will pick me up, out here.  I have to pick myself up, I suppose.  The more time passes, the more I see through the hourglass there won't be anyone to do that for me.  Literally or metaphorically."

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Gingerbread House for Creative Tuesdays!

Hi All! I'm late but I'm getting my submission in just under the deadline and I had a lot of fun drawing this C.T, gingerbread house sketch, especially as I'm trying to work with new mediums.

 My little Gingerbread House was built by this Intrepid squirrel who is eating an acorn and admiring his handiwork. As far as the mediums that I did this in, same as usual I worked with ink and watercolor paper-- but the brown is actually 4 shots of espresso! I am experimenting by painting with mediums are not just paint, including different types of tea, wine, and good old coffee slash espresso.

This challenge is due today! So please go to the most recent entry at, and click on the link at www.creatuvetuesdays.blogspot.co.uk, to enter your Gingerbread House. Happy Creative Tuesdays, and thank you, Mister Toast!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Inktober Zine Prep: Edition The Second

Happy Post-Halloween!  While I love my favorite Holiday for many reasons, one other reason I love October is the Inktober phenomenon-- when illustrators are challenged to draw an ink drawing a day, every day for that month.  I love ink, I love Halloween, I love October-- it's a perfect mashup.

Like last year, I'm self-publishing a black and white illustration zine of my best Inktober drawings, as one of the zines I will have for the Con and Zine Season in 2017.  For anyone who would like to see some sneak peek/Images I'm getting printed from this bok, scroll down for some Chinese Art inspired Bird/Botanical Illustrations, an Illustration based on "Crimson Peak's" Lucille (both of these were inspired by LACMA-- LOVE that museum and so glad I'm a member to see traditional art, and the amazing GUILLERMO DEL TORO SHOW, which I have seen six times), a map of La Ciudad de Los Angeles, and an Exploding Flower Botanical Illo.

Thank you all for reading, and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

It's my favorite Holiday, and am happy to celebrate with some drawings.  I'm going to be self-publishing a little character design zine of all my Inktober drawings, probably out early 2016.  I'd love to have it out for the Holidays, but it isn't practical with shows I already have coming up and a big tri

Thank you all for reading, and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!