Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Comic Convention/Zine Convention Season, and News Coverage Update! Plus Coloring Books, Ink, and Art By Kids, Oh My!

Hello, All!  As it's Comic Con and Zine Season, and I had a really cool opportunity today, I wanted to post a quick update to my blog!  My work can be seen as you keep scrolling down, but I have neat update first.  At Barnsdall Art Center, where I teach, the very nice people over at Los Angeles News Channel 36 came to the park, to feature us in their "Art Zone" segment.  It should be released online and airing in a few weeks.

In any event, (as can be seen from the photo) I got interviewed, and got to talk all about teaching comics, art, illustration, to kids, and the importance of storytelling and education for kids in the sequential art medium.  I also talked a lot about Barnsdall Park in Los Angeles, and the great arts education we offer for kids and adults.  Check out our class schedule at!

In addition, I've been working on some newer things myself.  At Comics and Zine Fairs coming up,
my bi-coastal coloring book is one of the things I'll have for show and display, which you can see some samples of below.  The color sample is the cover, the rest are the book's interiors.

I am originally from New York (suburbs of NYC, although I far prefer the city), live in California, and go back and forth frequently. So, I have two homes, two places, two sets of people. Home is where the heart is, and mine is split between each side of the country, so I decided to make this coloring book to speak to that.  Anyway, the color cover was drawn with Winsor and Newton pigment markers, and the black and white below is for anyone who wants, to color it in.

The first Summer Con I know I'll be doing is the Latino Comics Expo on August 6th and 7th, at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach.  I'll have bilingual card-toons, comics for kids, and the coloring book I'm showing samples of here.

Next are some sneak peeks from this coloring book, including the LES Cat Cafe page, the Vintage Coney Island dedicated page, and the page honoring food in both CA and NY!

And lastly, in addition to the How to Draw Zines for kids I have been self-publishing and expanding on (teaching kids character design, story structure, how to explore panel design in a comic, inking, and so on), I have also been able to act as a publishing company for my students!  I photocopy their zines and minicomics, and I work with Color Images (an amazing printer in Burbank), to get their accordion books, postcards, and other color self-published materials printed off site.

I teach Cartooning at several places, but at the Barnsdall Art Center, that is where I also teach the aforementioned Zine Making.  So, I have been able to get to display student comics, minicomics, accordion books, and art zines, when I table at fairs!  Their work was a big hit at this year's Los Angeles Zine Fest, and I'm looking forward to showcasing more of their stuff at other shows.  A sample of the Comics and Zines made by kids is here, below:

Well, I guess that is all for now, folks!  Take care, be well, and I will update again with more comics, art, and education news soon.



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Stars For Creative Tuesdays

Barely getting this in! My life is still crazed with diffcult things going on and also running around like mad (some of that is good and arts and education related so yay), but I am going to get to reading everybody's "stars" posts ASAP. Again I am posting from my Droid.  Michael and Alex and everyone who has expressed concern, thank you, I really appreciate it. I will try to email or private message you as soon as I am able.

I did this little sketch in my new sketchbook (which I like very much), with a zebra pen and Kurarake markers.  All amazing Japanese pens which I highly recommend. This Koala has seen a lot of Disney films, because he is wishing upon a friendly star.

To submit to "Creative Tuesdays" this week and the theme of "Stars," there are still a few hours left! Click and submit at the link below:

Thanks again you guys for being an online community of great artist friends, and bright shining stars even when night is dark,whether in the literal or metaphorical sense.

 Corny I know, but I mean it (-:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Creative Tuesdays. Little Monster Wearing Striped Socks!

Hi C.T.,

I'm sorry that this is so late! This is for the Creative Tuesdays prompt this week of striped socks.

 Things have been crazy stressful for me of late, and I've been dealing with some stuff in my own life and across the country stuff with my family so I missed doing the little monsters prompt last time.

But here he is, and he is wearing striped stops which are unraveling and attached to a ball of yarn. He is a Koala Dragon Tiger Lion. Soooo... A Dragoaliger? Not sure what to call him. But I made him from a bunch of different animals because when I teach my kids in after school cartooning programs how to make monsters, one of the ways that I do it is to combine different types of animals together and that ends up with a fun weird monster creature.

I really apologize that I am so late today that I missed last time and that I still need to catch up with everyone's work for this week and last week.

Please go to the link at the end of this blog entry before the end of the day today to submit yours. Thank you Mr. Toast and everyone for all that you do!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Light Up! And Lamps (For This Week's Creative Tuedays)

Hi Everybody,

I am about to get this in, just in time!

Many of you guys know I work in bright color often, but I also work darker and in black and white. Here are a couple of quick comic panels.  The lamp falls in the first panel, and is reflected in the highlights of the eyes of its horrified owner in the next panel.  I had fun playing with the ideas of lamps and illumination/light, as well as reflecting an actual lamp in someone's POV and eyes.

Please check out the work and submit some yourself at Michael/Mister Toast's Blog below:

Thanks as always and happy C.T.-ing!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Egg (And late submission for prior) Creative Tuesdays Entry!

Happy Easter, All!

This was such an exciting challenge Mister Toast/Michael, thank you! I interpreted the prompt by drawing on egg shaped sugar cookies, with special frosting and food coloring markers, meant to be drawn on. 

Three of the cookies in particular I wanted to look like decorated eggs for C.T., w/an Easter Bunny, Easter Bilby, and Easter Koala. There were five all together. Detail shots and group photo below:

Everyone should sign up for Creative Tuesdays by this Tuesday March 29th! Link here:

Have fun and happy egg decorating!

P.S. I did the baked goodness entry but finished it too late for last C.T. Sorry it is late! Check out my baking kitties below.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meet N' Greet for Creative Tuesdays!

I am getting this in on time!  By minutes.  I will actually go back and edit the writing in this, I've been home all day sick with the flu.  But, I've been working on this coloring book page (with a drawing of myself and some of my favorite YAY things/creatures), and did an edit of it for C.T.  Thank you so much for this, Mister Toast!  This Flu is brutal.

Presenting, me and a drawing of myself with some fluffy likes, and a list of likes and dislikes:

Go to to see all of these cool About the Artist Submisions!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Creative Tuesdays" and the (Incredible) Theme of FUZZY! (Wuzzy Was A Bear :-D )

So, anyone who even knows me vaguely and in the slightest knows that I love all things FUZZY (be it a teddy bear, a cat, a dog, a pet, anything with four legs and fur, regardless of if it walks around and breathes, or is secretly alive like "The Velveteen Rabbit"), so, this was a super exciting theme for me!

Below is a handmade Valentine's Day Card I made for the fair I mentioned in my last C.T. blog entry, which was great fun and full of lots of great people, crafters, artists, and even chefs/musicians.  I actually drew this Valentine's Day Card, specially with this C.T. challenge in mind:

I can't recall the exact pun in side (I'll have to look it up and then edit this blog entry), but, it used the pun "eres maravill-oso," which in Spanish means "you are marvelous."  However, "oso" also means bear in Spanish.  So, hyphenating the end of the original word ("maravilloso") just so, with the front image, was a silly pun for anyone who could read it :-p

If you look closely, you can also see that one of the bears is actually a Marsupial, and yes, is meant to look like my little stuffed animal Fuzzles The Koala (who I am so obsessed with).

One more photo that I have to share, related to the theme of "Fuzzy."  One of the vendors made nail decals and also customized pencils, and I had her make me some special pencils, all for my favorite teddy bear!  Er, marsupial.  Anyway, the proof of that is below, and I am probably irrationally excited to have all these customized marsupially magnificent pencils now:

All right.  Without further ado, everyone should go sign up and enter this challenge.  If they have yet to create something Awesomely Fuzzy, there's time before end of day today; check out the rules at the link ^_^ Thank you a ton, Michael/Mister Toast, for C.T. as always, and for this theme allowing me to (continually) obsess over something I love, i.e., stuffed bears, and drawing them.

(BTW, I LOVED the image prompt with the fabulous bunny from Kei Acerda's work; I love Acerda's work as well as all of the work out of Imaginism studios/also Bobby Chiu, and both Acerda's and Chiu's amazing concept design, character design, and illustration work).

Head on over to to see Mister Toast's blog overall, and then go to this link to enter this specific challenge:

Happy Tuesday!  Thanks again everyone for being awesome (-:

P.S. Speaking of Fuzzy.  I went to something in Long Beach CA, called the "Bulldog Beauty Parade" on Sunday/Valentine's Day... AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.  In the spirit of "fuzzy," I'll end this blog with a few photo highlights of fuzzy, beautiful, wrinkly, glorious bulldogs.  Can you tell I like wrinkly puppies?  Heh (-:

In order, below: Mimi the Bulldog dressed as Cinderella (and yes her owners made her a dress as well as a doggy stagecoach, complete with magic horse), a Hula Girl Bulldog, and a Pug and Bulldog pair of Best Friends.

I can't even emphasize enough how glorious I found this event (I go every year).  I don't have a Bulldog (Beagle Mix; he stayed home), but, they let spectators who love them come to this event, play with them, pet them, and watch them do a little parade as themselves, and/or themselves in outfits like the ones you can see below.