Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Zodiac" for Illustration Friday

Woo, second blog post in a while!  #OnARoll.  Anyway, here we go.  This is just an art post, but a news post will be soon-ish, I'm hoping :-p

So, this week's I.F. theme is "Zodiac."  On a whim, I Googled "Koala astrology," and lo and behold! It exists! It turns out that in the "Primal Astrology" zodiac calendar, marsupials abound.  A platypus, a koala, and a kangaroo all have their own sign/description, the way the Horse does in the Chinese calendar (for example), or the Lion for Leo does in the Western calendar (For another example).

So, keeping in this theme, above are three animals from the Primal Zodiac: a sepia ink illustration I did of a Platypus, Koala, and Kangaroo, all wearing Victoriana styled clothing.  It's an illustration of The Advetures of Miss Roo, Mister K. O. Wala, and Sir Plat. E. Pus.  This will be in color eventually, but I wanted to keep one scan of the just brown/sepia inked version. 

I'm rather familiar with the Western Zodiac, and the Chinese one.  I'm a Leo Western wise (with a lot of Cancer elements; which on the one hand can help make me a more tolerable and better listener type Leo, but on the other hand means I can tend towards putting up with too much/being a more repressed "White Swan" kind of Leo when the natural, un-filtered urge would be to completely "Black Swan" out). 

It was pretty cool learning about this new Zodiac calendar, which is like the Western and Chinese calendar combined (it goes by month and year you are born), and seeing how many different animals and their qualities were talked about on this calendar. I personally was not a Koala (sadness), but found out I was an Otter. 

Some of that description was very accurate, and some wasn't, but it's still cool to now know between all the various calendars of the Zodiac, I am a combination Lion/Rat/Otter.  Hrmmm.  Perhaps that mashup of a creature would be something fun to draw...

In any case, for parties interested in some links for art/Zodiac shenanigans, they are below.  Thanks for reading!

Some Other Marsupials on my Site, via Prints and Patterns (To Be Updated with this illo as well, soon):

The Primal Zodiac Otter Description:

The Primal Zodiac Platypus Description:

The Primal Zodiac Koala Description:

The Primal Zodiac Kangaroo Description:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Illustration Friday: Survival

So... been really busy and bad about blogging, but, busy is good!  I really miss blogging and have to manage my time better.  Boo.

Anyway, I will update later with more details on art things, but for now, here's my entry for the I.F. theme of "Survival:"

To survive, one must eat.  To survive happily (at least if you are me), chocolate is involved.  And for raccoons (who I've had some dealings with, as I may have alluded to), a key component of their survival is not just eating, but, gorging.

At least the ones in the suburbs like sugar, so, you could easily see a raccoon surviving on a diet like the one in the "Rac-cookie'' illustration above.  He's from a pattern I created.  But for this theme, I decided to isolate him as a single illo.

Running to work now, so I shall leave off with some links:

Here's my updated site, with a few patterns (including the pattern version of the dude above!):

And here's the link to submit to Illustration Friday:

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Works In Progress

So much going on!  Going to get back to regular blogging.  For now, here are some progress updates.

Above, there are the Circus-Supials!  Or are they mar-circus-als?  Either way, they are a traveling troupe that I began as an illustration for cards/possible packaging and bolt-fabric, and also am going to start a webcomic with.  My favorite one is probably the Koala dressed up as a lion.  Because who doesn't prefer to dress up as something seemingly more fun than yourself, at least some of the time?  Perhaps one of his story lessons will be to accept himself, without needing a huge costume or idenityt change.

Next, here's a clip from my new comic with Dya the Diva Dinosaur!  It's my newest comic, all centered around puns, silly animals, Dinosaurs (or, one dino), and clams.

Quick backstory/pitch, now that you've read those pages.  There are two clams: Sam (Samantha), who works as a bad conscience for Hell.  Bob works for Heaven, and is a good conscience.  Dya is their friend, who is a T-Rex and an actress.  Unfortunately, Sam may have kind of messed up a future movie gig for her... so, the two clams are out on a date at the Times Square Toys R Us, and trying to avoid Dya.  Unfortunately, Dya notices.  And kind of has a fit.  Only posting a couple of page peeks, but more can be found in the comic itself!  (Which I debuted at L.A. Zine Fest and will have at the other cons and fairs I'm doing).

Now, back to the Marsupials.  The above character is from a painting of mine I've posted about before, but in keeping with the Koala theme, I keep coming back to her.  An off-shoot story from this print is in the works, too.

And finally, as I've now gotten really into prints and patterns (still learning and got a ways to go), this is a simple little racc-ookie print I made.  Yes, that's a pun on raccoon and cookie.  Given that I have first hand experience dealing with trappers to safely take them out of houses and to the forests where they belong, I am very aware of how much they love human food.  And sugar!  Like, cookies.  Anyway, in a cartoon pattern they are kid friendly, cute, and fun.  In real life, they're cute, but unfortunately from a distance and not in your house.

That's all, and I hope everyone reading is well!  I myself am looking forward with a mix of excitement, and trepidation, to NYC's latest snowfall (as I'm here for a week, before going back to California and it's at the moment rare rain, and back again-- but, those are stories for another time). (-:

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"The Bandit Swan" for the Fluffie, Fuzzy, Cuddly Baddies show, and "Exotic" for "Illustration Friday!

Hi Everyone!  The piece featured below is going to be up at the art opening being held on Valentine's Day, at Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Shoppe/Art Gallery, at 1010 1/2 Fair Oaks Avenue, in South Pasadena. 2/14/2014!  The deserts there are the best, and I'm partial to the Jakarta flavored ice-cream ^_^

(The show is all about evil, cute, and fluffy critters.  I'll have this piece, and my evil Avenger Koalas in the show as well).

This piece was also submitted to the week of February 1st's Illustration Friday theme of "Exotic."  It's called "The Bandit Swan."

Been wanting to work on wood for a long time, and, I finally got started on it!  This picture depicts the exotic, rare, and fictional hybrid of a Raccoon and the Black Swan.

Here are some detail shots.  The materials were a brush and ink, and acrylic.  Here are her ballet point shoes, some feathers, and her ringed-tail.

One last shot!  Her face, crown, closer shot of her bodice, little raccoon claws, and more feathers.

Hope everybody is off to a good February, and pre-Valentine's (and L.A. Zinefest, gaaaah yay so much work to do!) week!  Lots of hugs.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

LAZF 2014 is coming up, and so are some new items!

Hello World!  I've been very busy since returning from NYC to L.A. (am still thawing), but want to keep up with this here blog, so here we go.

Check out the pieces below-- I'm hoping to organize the printing of a punny 2014 Calendar, in color. And a Noir Sketchbook zine.  And all the new comics I'm working on, but, I've got to scan those in before I can share them ;-)

Scroll down for a sample of what would be in the color punny calendar, and then, the Noir-y ness.

See everybody on February 16th at the Culver City Helms Bakery for Zine Fest!

(Original piece above titled "Marsupispoons," ink and watercolor, and full of Koalas, as per usual)

(Original piece above titled "Crossing Cars," Pen and Ink)

(Original piece above titled "Clouds And Christmas In Vegas," Brush and Ink)

(Original piece above titled "All I Want For Christmas," Pen and Ink)

I love color, but also loving working in black and white. So it's exciting to be working on all of these different things ^_^

More later and I hope everybody this 2014 is doing well!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Belated Happy New Year! And "Time" for "Illustration Friday"

Happy New Year, Everybody!

October, and especially November on, was jam packed and threw me for several loops.  Making blogging difficult/impossible, but I am aiming to get back on track with that this Twenty-Fourteen.

To get back on that track, I'm posting this submission for "Illustration Friday" and "Time."

As it's Fan Art, it fits the theme because of the following question: "What times is it?" "Adventure-Time!"

Also, since it has LSP combined with "Game of Thrones"-- and since I personally have been freezing up until three days ago (having been near NYC from mid December through early January, and only thawing in California over the past less than seventy-two hours)-- it has to do with "Winter-time."  

This minipainting is called "Game of Lumps: Winter is Coming," and as GOT and real life on the East Coast and Midwest can now all say, "Winter is coming.  Winter has come."

Thanks for reading, and good wishes to all on this New Year.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Energy" for Illustration Friday

Hello all!  So, this week's challenge for I.F. is "energy," and as it takes energy to make music and to dance, I am submitting the little "card-toon" card below.

It's a Dia De Los Muertos card, where two skeleton boys are enjoying making music while they dance (and their perrito wants to join in too).  Dia De Los Muertos is a beautiful holiday, and the "energy" of the holiday is all about celebrating and commemorating people who have passed.  So, I'm submitting this card for the challenge since the theme of "energy" applies all around.

And now, time for some links and other photos!

Here is the link to do Illustration Friday, and to submit your piece between now and next Friday (when they'll change from the theme of "Energy" to another one): http://illustrationfriday.com/

Also: This card and other "Dia De Los Muertos" themed cards are carried at the Quetzal Boutique, a beautiful store in East Los Angeles.  They carry a lot of work created by Chicano Artists, Artists from Mexico, and Artists from Central and South America.  I am honored to have gotten to make some cards for their boutique, which also carries clothing, jewelry, and accessories.  Their Facebook page has lots more info, so please click on that below:

Can't believe Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos were a full week ago.  In any event, I am running off, and will be in a fun event tonight!  It's one I've vended at previously, but instead I'm going to do live art tonight.  Never done it before officially (have done it a few times for fun just to have something to do), but I'm looking forward to it. 

If you're in Anaheim, check out the ACE (Art Crawl Experience), Downtown by the Promenade.  Info here:

Photo map here:

Thanks for reading, and Happy Saturday!